YTP: Link and Zelda's Quest to Find Nemo is a full movie who created by MechaWeegee91. It will appear on Youtube in the near future.








His shark friends


A school of fish




His turtle friends

A Whale


His Peligans

The Detinst



Link was boring and he wants to watch a HD video. He changes the channel on and on and on, but somebody knocked on the door. Who can that be? Zelda, she's a girl who lived on Hyrule. Link and Zelda have a plan to time travel to the ocean. He keep watching TV about Toy Story (edited version). She surprised, causing getting mad and said, "You dare watch dirty words on TV? You must die!", but Link can't die without her. Just then, a little fish named, Nemo heard, "Daddy! Help me!" and they hearded on the ocean. Link and Zelda are on a adventure to save him and through the portal.

Meanwhile, they landed safely in the ocean, but Link and Zelda put on a helmit and uses the jetpack. And then, a female fish saying at him. Zelda says, "Look! That fish!". Link says, "Well here's the easy one. What's your name?". Her name is Dory and his name is Marlin too.

One Month Later, Link, Zelda, Marlin, and Dory meet a friendly sharks, who had sworn never to eat those heroes, and they asopt Link, Zelda, Marlin, Dory as buddies. Later, Marlin notice the main clue as to Nemo's whereabouts is a mask. Link and Zelda get into fight. But, when they fight over how to read it, it hits her nose, causing a small nose bleed, which Bruse, a killer shark, sccidentally sniffs, causing him to go wild. His shark friends tried to restrain him as the four heroes try to escape. But an accidental topedo launch causes every depth charge near by to explode, through no one gets killed.

One Month Later, Link, Zelda, Marlin, and Dory are sleeping, the sub they're is about to tumble down into the depths, as well as the mask. The four heroes follow it down, as the darkness overtakes them. Link and Zelda we're happy to see the light. Dory's forgetfulness causes her to think Marlin is her conscirnce before they see a light. But then, Link and Zelda were teribbly surprised. It turns out to be a lure from anglerfish. Link and Marlin keep it busy while Zelda and Dory tried to read the mask, giving they're information which directs them to someplace called Sydney.

While they're on the mission to find Nemo, Link, Zelda, Marlin, and Dory stop to have a small talk. Link and Marlin explain to them that he could take it from here by therself. When Link says, "Hey, Zelda! You are dead!", Zelda starts crying and says, "Link doesn't like her!". Link says that he does, but to make things worse, he says it's a complicated emotion.

A school of fish tells Link, Zelda, Marlin, and Dory to take the Eastern Australian Current to Sydney, but advises Zelda and Dory to go through the trench, but the girls forget. Link and Marlin's paranoia of the trench his them swim above it, only to find a school of jellyfish. Luckily, the tops of jellyfish don't sting, so they treated it like a game, but Zelda and Dory fails to get out, having been stung repeatedly. Link and Marlin manage to get the two girls out before passing out. They later awake with a legion of sea turtles on the East Australian Current. When they catches Zelda and Dory still dead, they feel bad for leading them over instead of through the trench; however, she makes a full recovery also. After getting near their destination, they accidentally get swallowed by a whale, who was chasing krill. When Marlin fails to breal our, once again, Link, Zelda, and Dory swim down to him and say the same eight waords they said when they first met Marlin. While refusing that rudely but sadly, Marlin tells his promise to Nemo on Link, Zelda, and Dory. She explains that Marlin can never let anything happen to Nemo. While inside Link and Zelda try to "talk" to him (even Dory) and the whale tells them to let go as they sprouts them out. The tale travels faster than Link.

Link, Zelda, Marlin, and Dory meet Nigel who agrees to take them to the dentist office. Link, Zelda, Marlin, Dory, and Nigel arrive at the office and are horrified to see Nemo "dead."

Link and Marlin, depressed, thinking that they broke they're promise, determines to go home; meanwhile Zelda and Dory become forgetful again until they meet Nemo. While they read Sydney on a water tube, they're entire memory suddenly returnss amd help Nemo find Link and Marlin by forcing a crab to tell where Link and Marlin went. Whit is information, Marlin and Nemo are reunited, but moments later they find that Link, Zelda, and Dory is caught in a fishing net. Nemo has a plan to save them, but Marlin is reluctant to let him go for fear that he will lose him again. marlin realizes he must let him go, and Nemo's plan succeeds.

Finally they return home and Nemo leaves for school, with Marlin telling him to "go have an adventure."

As an epilogue, Link and Zelda return to Hyrule and they're going to meet them, but they're are gone and they're on a vacation. Link was still happy sitting down and watch Toy Story (edited version), and annoys her and that's the end.


The only way, Link and Zelda are on a adventure without The King, Gwonam, Morshu, Impa, Ganon, and everyone else. on the CDI game.

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