YTV/Star Versus The Forces of Evil is a parody series made by Pikachufreak. It has audio from Star Versus The Forces of Evil and clips from various YTV shows.


  • Serena Tsukino (from Sailor Moon) as Star Butterfly
  • Lexi Bunny (from Loonatics Unleashed) as Brittney Wong
  • Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon) as Marco Diaz
  • Nikki Maxwell (from The Dork Diaries) as Jackie Lynn Thomas
  • Mel Blake (from Hoop-a-Joop) as Janna Sullivan
  • Michiko Ohara (from The Accidentally Series) as Hope Roberts
  • Rikochet (from Mucha Lucha) as Ferguson McCoy
  • Kevin Keene (from Captain N: The Game Master) as Alfonzo Lopez
  • Lan Hikari (from Megaman NT Warrior) as Oscar Greason
  • Donkey Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) as Justin Brooks
  • Roy Koopa (from The Adventures of The Koopalings) as Lars Parker
  • Beebe Bluff (from Doug) as Andrea Brown
  • Jordan Pilgrim (from Friends Forever) as Ed Wilkins
  • Rogue (from X-Men Evolution) as Sabrina Anderson
  • Carmen Angelo (from Rumor Has It) as Chantelle LaPerry
  • Illene and Ken Tsukino (both also from Sailor Moon) as Queen and King Butterfly
  • Wilhelmina (from For Crying Out Loud) and Steven (from Whichever Way The Wind Blows) as Mrs. and Mr. Diaz
  • Ken (from Wish Upon A Star Shape and Crazy As A Lunatone) as Ludo
  • Tooty The Elephant (from Fluffy Gardens) as Jeremy Birnbaum
  • Slash Kamei (from Snowboard Kids) as Charlie "Gustav" Booth
  • and others

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