YTV/Super Street Fighter II is a parody series with audio from Super Street Fighter II and clips from various YTV Shows.


  • Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon) as Ryu
  • Donkey Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) as E. Honda
  • Ickis (from Aaahh Real Monsters) as Blanka
  • Johnny Bravo (from Johnny Bravo) as Guile
  • Kuzco (from The Emperor's New School) as Ken Masters
  • Mel Blake (from Hoop-a-Joop) as Chun-Li
  • Java The Caveman (from Martin Mystery) as Zangief
  • Ozzy Jones (from Ozzy and Drix) as Dhalsim
  • Roger M. Klotz (from Doug) as Balrog
  • Brad Buttowski (from Kick Buttowski) as Vega
  • Marcus Damon (from Digimon) as Sagat
  • Doji (from Beyblade) as M. Bison
  • Fred Jones (from What's New, Scooby-Doo?) as T. Hawk
  • Raimundo Pedrosa (from Xiaolin Showdown) as Fei Long
  • Virgil Hawkins (from Static Shock) as Dee Jay
  • Penny Crygor (from WarioWare) as Cammy White

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