YTV (Aaahh Real Monsters) is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It is the current channel where the Nickelodeon (later Disney) cartoon, Aaahh Real Monsters, has aired. Seasons 1-4 aired on Nickelodeon from 1994-1997, while Seasons 5-7 aired on ABC as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning from 1999-2002. Depending on each version, the Nickelodeon version has the 1991-1998 Klasky Csupo logo, while the Disney version uses the 1998-2008 logo. Oblina is originally voiced by the deceased Christine Cavanaugh, and she is currently voiced by Nikka Frost.


  1. Ickis (Charlie Adler)
  2. Oblina (Christine Cavanaugh)
  3. Krumm (David Eccles)


Season 1 (1994-1995)

  1. The Switching Hour
  2. Monsters, Get Real / Snorched If You Do, Snorched If You Don't
  3. Curse of the Krumm / Krumm Goes Hollywood
  4. Monstrous Make-Over / A Wing and A Scare
  5. Krumm's Pimple / Monster Hunter
  6. Monsters Don't Dance / Gone Shopp'n
  7. Old Monster / Mother, May I
  8. Don't Just Do It / Joined at the Hip
  9. Smile and Say Oblina / The Great Wave
  10. Cold Hard Toenails / Attack of The Blobs
  11. Chip Off the Old Beast / The War's Over
  12. Where Have All the Monsters Gone?
  13. Simon Strikes Back / The Ickis Box

Season 2 (1995)

  1. Spontaneously Combustible / Curse of Katana
  2. Monsters Are Real / This is Your Brain on Ickis
  3. Into the Woods / Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox
  4. Mayberry UFO / I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden Hair
  5. Garbage Ahoy / Goin' (Way) South
  6. Monster Who Came in from the Cold / Puppy Ciao
  7. The Rival / Hats Off
  8. Eau de Krumm / O'Lucky Monster
  9. Rosh-O-Monster / The Tree of Ickis
  10. History of the Monster World / Fear Thy Name is Ickis
  11. Quest for the Holy Pail / Garbage In, Garbage Out
  12. A Room with No Viewfinder / Krumm Rises to the Top
  13. The Five Faces of Ickis / Bigfoot, Don't Fail Me Now

Season 3 (1996)

  1. Festival of the Festering Moon / Simon's Big Score
  2. Who'll Stop the Brain? / Cement Heads
  3. Ickis and the Red Zimbo / Oblina and the Three Humans
  4. Baby It's You / Monsters Are Fun
  5. Out of the Past / Ship of Fools
  6. Eye Full of Wander / Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary
  7. Krumm Gets Ahead / It's Only a Movie
  8. You Only Scare Twice / Less Talk, More Monsters
  9. Fistful of Toenails / Blind Love, Monster Love
  10. Amulet of Enfarg / Bad Hair Day
  11. Monster Blues / I Heard the Snorch Call My Name
  12. Wake Me When It's Over / Things That Go Bump in the Night
  13. The Master Monster / Slumber Scare

Season 4 (1997)

  1. Battle of the Century / A Perfect World
  2. The Lips Have It / Escape Claws
  3. Walk Like A Man / A Friend In Need
  4. Watch the Watch / She Likes Me?
  5. Oblina Without A Cause / Slick Ick
  6. Nuclear and Present Danger / Loch Ness Mess
  7. Super Ickis / The Substitute
  8. The Great Escape / Beast With Four Eyes
  9. Side By Side / Hooked on Phonics
  10. Spy vs. Monster / Misery Date
  11. Clockwise / Gromble Soup
  12. Showdown / Internal Affairs
  13. Laugh Krumm Laugh / Rookie Monsters

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Production Companies

  • Klasky Csupo (1994-2002)
  • Nickelodeon Productions (1994-1997)
  • Walt Disney Television (1999-2002)


  • Exclusively to the Disney version is Igor (Ickis' younger brother, voiced by Ashley Johnson).
  • Christine Cavanaugh voices Oblina from 1994-1997, and Nikka Frost currently voices her as of 1999.
  • The Nickelodeon version of the end credits features just a black background.
  • The Disney version, however, has Ickis, Oblina and Krumm against a solid blue background.

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