YTV (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera) is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It is the 24/7 US Channel where El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera has aired. Over 26 episodes have spanned in a full format.


  1. Manny Rivera (Alanna Ubach)
  2. Frida Suarez (Grey DeLisle)
  3. Rodolfo Rivera (Eric Bauza)
  4. Grandpapi (Carlos Alazraqui)
  5. Maria Rivera (April Stewart)


  1. Sole of a Hero / Night of the Living Guacamole
  2. Enter the Cuervo / Fistful of Collars
  3. Fool's Goal / El Tigre, El Jefe
  4. Zebra Donkey / Adios Amigos
  5. The Mother of All Tigres / Old Money
  6. The Late Manny Rivera / Party Monsters
  7. The Mustache Kid / Puma Licito
  8. Miracle City Worker / Dia de los Malos
  9. Yellow Pantera / Rising Son
  10. The Curse of the Albino Burrito / La Tigresa
  11. Ballad of Frida Suarez / Fool Speed Ahead
  12. Miracle City Undercover / Bride of Puma Loco
  13. Eye Caramba / Clash of the Titan
  14. The Grave Escape
  15. Burrito's Little Helper / Crouching Tigre, Hidden Dragon
  16. The Cactus Kid / A Mother's Glove
  17. The Good, the Bad and the Tigre
  18. A Fistful of Nickels / Animales
  19. Tigre + Cuervo Forever / The Thing That Ate Frida's Brain
  20. Stinkin Badges / Mech Daddy
  21. The Return of Plata Peligrosa / Chupacabros!
  22. Love and War / Wrong and Dance
  23. Oso Sole Mio / Silver Wolf
  24. The Cuervo Project / The Golden Eagle Twins
  25. Dia de los Padres / Mustache Love
  26. Back to Escuela / No Boots, No Belt, No Brero

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