YTV (Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes) is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It is the current channel where the Titmouse Inc./Stretch Films Inc./Disney XD animated series: Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes has aired in the US. Over 6 seasons and 156 episodes have aired in a full format.



Season 1 (2010-2011)

  1. New Girls @ School - 13-year-old female stereotypical friends optimistic prep girl Sophia Winterford and her friend the good-natured perky goth girl Lolita Diamond go to a school for the first time as they befriend 12-year-old nerd Amethyst Giger, tomboyish geek Charleigh Greene, and kindly adorable school basket-case-turned-happy outcast Madeline Voorhees.
  2. Goth To Have Better Friends - Not to be confused to the Growing Up Creepie episode. Lolita befriends some goths, who can be perky sometimes, 12-year-old Caroline Stormwind, Josephine Grimsbro, and Hecuba Blackwood.
  3. Coup Voorhees - Based on the All Grown Up! episode, Coup DeVille, Madeline is invited to a party with all of the popular kids from school.
  4. Halloween with the Pinewood Middle School Students - The Pinewood Middle School students are ready for Halloween when Caroline and Josephine are going trick-or-treating along with the other students, despite being 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds.
  5. The Girly Gossip - Amethyst opens up a blog, but not try to spread rumors. Ralph, Cole, and Betty spread rumors.
  6. I Don't Karaoke! - Meghan hosts a karaoke party for the entire school and everyone's amused of that. When Sophia sings, she awarded her first prize.
  7. Blacked Fri-Fri - Mackenzie and Madeline are going shopping with Charleigh and Louie on Black Friday. Afterwards, they were going for the school's Black Friday fundraiser.
  8. American Lie - When Faith accuses Sophia for being a Goth for liking the Cure, Bobby uses the lie detector on who is telling lies. This causes Sophia and her friends feel unamused and unhappy, that includes everyone else.
  9. Best Thanksgiving Ever! - It's Thanksgiving, and the other pre-teens and teenagers are having fun at Thanksgiving with their family members.
  10. Stage Frightened - Sophia is too scared to be in part of the Cinderella play so she decided to do it on her own anyway. It's up to Lolita to speak up for Sophia and deal with her ways.
  11. It Takes Two To Solve A Mystery - Sophia decided to invite a mystery club for everyone in the world, especially for pre-teens and teenagers.
  12. A Very Quintessential Christmas - When the Pinewood Middle School students enjoy their very own Christmas, they decided to open their presents, revealing to have electronic devices and toys.
  13. It's A Braces Thing - Hecuba gets braces on her own, but what if she was being called "ugly"?
  14. Cheer Evil - Sophia becomes a cheerleader.
  15. Coutt to the Chase - Lorry becomes Sophia's new next-door neighbor when she moved in to her new house to start a grade now and forever, so Lolita and Amethyst decided to babysit Lorry's 11-year-old sister, Stella.
  16. Call Her Jade - An exchange student from New York, Jadee Woods (voiced by Laura Bailey) goes to school to learn lessons about fitting in.
  17. Dear Diary - Pinora writes her own diary on how spreading rumors isn't that very good.
  18. The Sweet Princess' Birthday - Arlene turns 13 on her birthday until she becomes a teenager. She finds toys and electronics.
  19. Bad Zituation - Madeline gets a zit from her skin.
  20. New Journal...Of Death! - Caroline finds a mysterious journal, that belonged to her!
  21. Lost This Tooth? - Sophia had lost her tooth and Emery has to do something on her mind!
  22. Mr. Stealyagirl - Bobby is jealous when someone stole Mackenzie, that leaves Sophia to be too obsessed to find out. At the end, it was Drake!
  23. Meghan and the Revenge on Louie - Based on the Clarissa Explains It All episode, Clarissa's Revenge, After Meghan gets her first training bra, she tries to get revenge on Louie for showing her bra at school, using a plan involving a straitjacket and huge balloons. This sends Meghan and Louie to get dragged out of school as well as Sophia and the friends, especially for Lorry.
  24. Hecuba is Missing - When perky Goth girl Hecuba is missing, Caroline, Lolita, Sophia, and Josephine have to find her.
  25. Di-Gi-Oh! - The boys play a game for Di-Gi-Oh!, making Mackenzie jealous on how she feels.
  26. The Horrors at Camp Butterfly - The Pinewood kids are forced to go to Camp Butterfly, where happy campers live here. As they tell very strange and scary stories, some of the kids disappear. Lolita creates a strange séance that summons a ghost, which turns out to be fake. It turns out that something supernatural this way comes.

Season 2 (2011-2012)

  1. Perky Gothed Out - Sophia and Lolita have a fascination of Goth girls and fashion so they decided to be their on way of having a fascination of Gothic subculture.
  2. The Vlogs of Do-It-Yourselfsville - Lana Fulbright, a VideoTube user creates her baking vlogs, shopping vlogs, and video game vlogs so Sophia and Lolita decided to do it on their own.
  3. Sophia's Hook - After reading Simon's Hook, Sophia knows the ways of how to be avoided getting bullied.
  4. Small Mackenzie in Big Worlds - Madeline's science project goes awry when she accidentally shrunk Mackenzie! Two teen scientists, Ming Chong (voiced by Charlyne Yi) and Shareela Harveyton (voiced by Madeleine Martin) wanted to turn Madeline back to normal.
  5. Amelia in a Tizzy - Amelia is in a loud tantrum because someone stole Mr. Bubbles, her beloved teddy bear. Sophia goes on the case with Lolita and Amethyst to bring Mr. Bubbles back to Amelia.
  6. My Little Sleepover - At Brie's chateau, everyone is invited.
  7. My Smoothies Bring All the Middle School Students to the Yard - Bonnibel's parents open a smoothie shop and everyone is going to like it. Ming and Shareela wanted to know the science of smoothies to help out Sophia.
  8. School Spirit Disaster - Sophia gets into a fight with Betty during the school spirit game, and they wind up expelled by Principal Prince after a football wreck. To prevent Sophia and Betty's parents from finding out, Lolita, Amethyst, Ralph and Cole have to work together to turn everything back to normal.
  9. An Babysitting?! - Sophia and Lolita are forced to become a babysitting service while no one is around. Meanwhile, Amethyst is forced to be babysitted by a new babysitter despite when she was 12 years old.
  10. The Untouchables - Mimi's doll collection is missing and two of the dolls were disappearing, revealing that Mimi's house is haunted by ghosts who love to steal stuff.
  11. May I Have This Dance? - Mimi goes to a prom and is forced to fit in with the other kids. She stumbles upon a group of popular and wealthiest school divas who yell at Mimi and trip her over, leaving the group to laugh. Sophia, Lolita, and Amethyst are humiliated, tripped over, and picked on by the other school divas and Sophia's enemies. After accidentally leaving lemonade stain all over Pinora's beautiful jeans, all of the 7th graders get horrible detention, getting them expelled and get dragged out of school along with the other cliques.
  12. Clique Days - Madeline is disappointed when her friends start a clique and is forced to have a time of her life with Pinora to join the Outcast Groupies. But she has had enough and starts to beat up the Outcast Groupie Girls. When Principal Prince finds all of The Outcast Groupie Girls completely injured, she suspends Madeline from Pinewood Middle School until further notice. After being sent to her room by Hanna and Russell for being silly, a guilt struck, but infuriated Madeline decides to run away instead. Sophia and her friends are horrified and they hurry to find Madeline, while the Outcast Groupie Girls are recovering. When Madeline arrives at the Pinewood Hospital, she apologizes to the Outcast Groupie Girls and they finally accept. At the end of the episode, Madeline rejoins the gang.
  13. Show-and-Tell-That-To-Your-Students - It's the Show and Tell, and The students were excited. Hecuba wanted to have her Cold Topic stuff to it.
  14. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Prank Call? - Mimi's obnoxious 14-year-old brother, Aiden (voiced by Robbie Daymond) prank calls on Sophia's mother, Hecuba and Anita, and last but not least, Brie B. Sioux!
  15. Don't Cry, Amelia - Based on the Hoop-a-Joop episode entitled: Don't Cry, Anna, Sophia and Alya are left in charge of their 6-year-old sister Amelia, while their parents Jill and Thomas are at the anniversary. Despite Amelia's loud cries, the two seek help from Beulah The Therapist (voiced by Dee Dee Rescher).
  16. Jadee and the Fuzz on Science - Jadee meets up with Ming and Shareela.
  17. Fools Rush In - Based on the All Grown Up episode of the same name, Sophia is accused of her actions and is expelled from Pinewood Middle School by Principal Prince, thanks to a mean 16-year-old girl named Bethany Redford (voiced by Cheryl Chase). In order to prevent her from playing pranks on Sophia and making her upset, Alya and Amelia help Grandpa Deuce and Aunt Juliana save their sister and put an end to Bethany's pranks.
  18. When Life Gives You Daylights - Mimi angrily decides to leave her family after getting into an argument with her brothers, Roy Monroe (voiced by Greg Cipes) and Jeremy Monroe (voiced by Ashley Johnson). While she does so, she runs into a punk named Elena Lopez (voiced by Chantal Strand).
  19. The Father, The Son and The Holy Stereotype - Sophia and her sisters attend St. Andrea's Catholic School as a favor of studying along with Ming and Shareela.
  20. Louie In Love - As a reward for getting a good A, Louie's parents send him to a dance club to meet up with a girl named Denise Ferguson (voiced by Terri Hawkes).
  21. Guitar Sessions - Amethyst is enlisted on a guitar performance at the Pinewood Middle School Talent Show. As a result, she has to sing Alejandro from Lady Gaga. Ralph, Cole and Betty have other plans.
  22. To Bee or Not To Bee - Amelia is scared of bees since they begin to attack her. Sophia and her family have to help a Beekeeper named Justin Wendell (voiced by Alan Tudyk).
  23. A Pinewood Middle School Puerto Rican Party - The students are excited when Pinewood Middle School is holding a Puerto Rican celebration. Ralph, Cole and Betty, disguised as Vejigantes, are out to scare the others.
  24. Pranky Tricky Jokey - On April Fools' Day, Lolita and her goth friends pull spooky pranks on their friends such as tricking a babysitter into thinking that ghosts are real, pretending to be ghosts to scare a group of cheerleaders off, and even worse, they accidentally lock Charleigh into the basement with flying objects and books knocking down by themselves. An extremely angry Principal Prince expels Lolita and her Gothic friends from Pinewood Middle School and banishes them to their houses until further notice. After Lolita's parents send her to her room for behaving badly, especially in playing too much pranks, she tearfully promises to never play pranks again in future. The next morning when Lolita returns to Pinewood Middle School, the incident she and her friends have caused has been cleared out, and Sophia and all of the others apologize to Lolita. Soon, everything returns to normal as Lolita and her Goth friends rejoin the group.
  25. Born To Be A Rebel -
  26. Ralph, Cole and A Little Crybaby Girl -

Season 3 (2012-2013)

  1. Lorry Lorry
  2. Rumor Rumor - Betty is back to spread rumors towards others, making Sophia feel jealous on how she react.
  3. Runnin' for Presidents - Sophia is now a president at her own school.
  4. Substitute Teacher - TBA
  5. Nerd or Noob? Do or Die! - When Amethyst styumbles upon a nerd who is fascinated with ghosts and is a paranormal expert, Victoria Burtonschmeer (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald), Victoria will guide to a hosts of obnoxious nerds, Jasmine Doodles (voiced by Jonquil Goode) and Liberty McCall (voiced by Madisyn Shipman).
  6. The Bird Scene - Based on a Victorious episode, Sophia does the Bird Scene.
  7. Fashion Victims - Sophia start a fashion show.
  8. Evicted! -
  9. Lolita Breaks A Promise -
  10. Equal Studies -
  11. Fractious Problems -
  12. For The Love of Charleigh -
  13. Down In The Dumps - Based on the Dexter's Laboratory episode of the same name: Amelia is devastated when her beloved teddy bear, Mr. Bubbles, is accidentally fallen into a garbage truck. In order to cheer her up, Sophia, Aylia and their parents help Grandpa Deuce and Aunt Juliana find Mr. Bubbles and make her happy again.
  14. Arlene Versus The Strike -
  15. Nurse Amethyst -
  16. The Crook Is Coming
  17. Principal Prince's Worst Nightmare
  18. Betty and Lorry's Mime-fully Experience
  19. Westbound Citizens
  20. Charleigh In Trouble
  21. A Bunny For Amelia
  22. Get A Good Grade, Jodie
  23. To Cure The Suds
  24. The World's Fastest Girl
  25. A Dingo's Tale
  26. Goodbye, Middle School

Season 4 (2013-2014)

  1. Guess Who Came to High School? - Sophia attends high school after being graduated.
  2. Best Playdate Ever! - Amelia goes on a playdate with Anita.
  3. Begging for It
  4. Lorry Gets the Point
  5. I Think They Kissed
  6. Charleigh's Little Helper
  7. Madeline Gets A Splinter
  8. Star Struck To A Pickle
  9. Principal Prince's Matchmaker
  10. A Big Bang For Josephine
  11. Aunt Juliana Does It Right
  12. The Three Musketeer Girls
  13. Ralph and Cole Get A Dilemma
  14. Trapped In A Sewer
  15. Goths Don't Prosper
  16. Sophia, Jacob and The Accomplice
  17. Buttermilk Ways
  18. Rats In Betty's Room
  19. Break An Egg
  20. Amelia-Vicious
  21. Stop Being So Bossy
  22. Naturally Obsessive
  23. Info On Lorry
  24. To Flee or Not To Flee
  25. Take A Long Route Ahead
  26. Alya Falls In Love

Season 5 (2014-2015)

  1. Gone Without The Power
  2. Invasion of The Living Goats
  3. Betty Gets An F
  4. Cooling Things Down
  5. Framed
  6. Amelia and The Booster Shot
  7. A Cowardly Showoff
  8. Daredevils For A Day
  9. Not Without My Snacks
  10. Amethyst Loses Her Glasses
  11. Caroline Marks The Edge
  12. Itchier Than A Cat
  13. Thorny Flowers
  14. High Tides Ahead
  15. Bricks For A Castle
  16. Whatever Happened To Jodie?
  17. The Truth About Bonnibel
  18. Clash of The Bullies
  19. Frozen To Their Feet
  20. Amelia The Ballerina
  21. How Can You Climb?
  22. The Guilty Pleasure
  23. Madeline Tells A Lie
  24. Secrets Long Forgotten
  25. There's Something About Stella Coutts
  26. Allergic Charleigh

Season 6 (2015-2016)

  1. Spending The Weekend
  2. Ralph and Cole Meet Their Match
  3. Anita Makes A Sandwich
  4. Athletic Nerd
  5. Runaway Snakes!
  6. Dim Lit Lamps
  7. Keeping It Very Quiet
  8. Nothing But The Trash
  9. Stuck In A Well
  10. Radio Free Madeline
  11. Charleigh Saves The Day
  12. The Call of The Wild
  13. Wimps Don't Even Care
  14. Bonnibel Gets A Record
  15. Mimi's Modern Life
  16. Slowing Down
  17. Salami For A Salad
  18. In A Harmonic Way
  19. On The Poolside
  20. The Trouble With Scribbling
  21. Whodunit?
  22. The Revenge of Bethany Redford
  23. Checked Off
  24. Betty, Betty Quite Contrary
  25. Time Warped
  26. Graduation Day

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