YTV Hits is a CD made by Pikachufreak. Released on March 3, 2015, it has all songs from some of YTV's favorite shows.


Pokemon Theme (Indigo League)

  • Chorus: I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause... I will travel across the land, searching far and wide, Teach Pokémon to understand[1], the power that's inside. Pokémon...gotta catch 'em all!! It's you and me... I know it's my destiny Poké're my best friend, in a world we must defend. Pokémon...Gotta catch 'em all!! A heart so true—Our courage will pull us through! You teach me and I'll teach you! Pokémon! Gotta Catch 'Em All! Gotta Catch 'Em All! POKE-KE-MON!

Camp Lakebottom Theme

Hoop-a-Joop Theme (Take On Me)

Sailor Moon Theme

Sonic X Theme (Gotta Go Fast)

Cardcaptors Theme

Randy Cunningham Theme (Go Ninja Go)

Static Shock Theme (Superhero Static Shock)

Bakugan Theme

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Theme

Ben 10 Theme

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Theme

The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh Theme

Timon and Pumbaa Theme

Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures Theme

Beyblade Shogun Steel Theme

Generator Rex Theme (Revolution)

Gravity Falls Theme

Time Warp Trio Theme

Wander Over Yonder Theme

Team Galaxy Theme

Teen Titans Theme

Mucha Lucha Theme

Medabots Theme

Dinosaur King Theme

Road Rovers Theme

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