YTV Princess: Ultimate Collection is a YTV parody of Disney: Princess Ultimate Collection. It was released on ???


  1. If You Can Dream (sung by ???)
  2. Part of Your World (sung by Harriet Sanders)
  3. A Whole New World (sung by Ash Ketchum and Sakura Avalon)
  4. Just Around The ??? (sung by ???)
  5. Colors of The Wind (sung by ???)
  6. Some Day My Prince Will Come (sung by Misty)
  7. So This Is Love (sung by ??? and danced by Tai Kamiya and Serena Tsukino)
  8. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (sung by Serena Tsukino)
  9. Once Upon A Dream (sung and danced by Jaden Yuki and Zoey Hanson)
  10. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (sung by ???)
  11. Emily (sung by Emily Anderson and ???)
  12. Reflection (sung by ???)
  13. Kiss The Girl (sung by ???)


Transcript and Lyrics

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