YTV USA (Beyblade Metal) is Pikachufreak's idea where the Beyblade Metal anime airs on YTV USA, spanning over four Seasons and ??? episodes.



Season 1 (Metal Fusion)

  1. Pegasus Has Landed!
  2. Leone's Roar!
  3. The Wolf's Ambition!
  4. Charge! Bull Power!
  5. Vengeful Gasher
  6. Aquario's Challenge
  7. It's Our Special Move! Sagittario
  8. Merci's Dangerous Trap
  9. Leone's Counterattack
  10. Heated Battle! Gingka Versus Kyoya
  11. Chase The Wolf!
  12. Infiltrate The Dark Nebula's Castle!
  13. L-Drago Awakens!
  14. Memories of Ryo
  15. Mysterious Hyoma
  16. The Magnificent Aries
  17. The Silver Pegasus
  18. The Green Hades
  19. Conquer the Tag-Team Battle!
  20. Begin! The Survival Battle!
  21. Warriors on a Deserted Island
  22. The Fearsome Libra
  23. The Road to the Battle Bladers
  24. The Beautiful Eagle
  25. The Sniper Capricorne
  26. Tsubasa Flies Into The Dark
  27. Intruders in the Challenge Match
  28. Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation
  29. Kenta and Sora
  30. The Bewitching Pisces
  31. The Twin Gemios
  32. The Stormy Battle Royal
  33. The Oath of the Phoenix
  34. Shine, Virgo!
  35. L-Drago, on the Move
  36. Broken Wings
  37. Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison
  38. Run, Gingka!
  39. Clash! The Phoenix vs The Pegasus
  40. GO! Battle Bladers!
  41. The Serpent's Terror
  42. The Dragon's Punishment
  43. The Deck is Stacked
  44. Entrusted Emotions
  45. Eagle Counterattacks
  46. Libra Disappears
  47. Bonds of Steel
  48. The Truth About Light and Darkness
  49. Fierce Battle! Lion VS Dragon
  50. The Furious Final Battle!
  51. Blader's Spirit

Season 2 (Metal Masters)

Season 3 (Metal Fury)

Season 4 (Shogun Steel)

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