YTV USA (Legend Quest) is Pikachufreak's idea where Legend Quest on YTV USA. Over 13 episodes have spanned altogether.


  1. Leonardo "Leo" San Juan (Johnny Rose)
  2. Teodora (Annemarie Blanco)
  3. Don Andrés (Oscar Cheda)
  4. Alebrije (Paul Tei)
  5. Marcella (Cydney J. Fam)


  1. The Prophecy
  2. Jersey Devil
  3. The Mart
  4. Ghost of Medusa
  5. Vodnik
  6. Fenrir
  7. Tooth Fairy
  8. Kaiju
  9. Nu Gui
  10. Mister Madera
  11. The Chilan
  12. Golem
  13. The Serpent and the Egg

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