YTV USA (Pickle and Peanut) is Pikachufreak's idea where Pickle and Peanut aired on YTV USA, with its first season of twenty-one episodes completed. A second season is set to air in October 2017.


  1. Pickle (Jon Heder)
  2. Peanut (Johnny Pemberton)


  1. Greg / Gramma Jail
  2. Cart Rustlers / Swim Lessons
  3. Pickle the Falcon Master / Pickle Adopts a Family
  4. PAL-SCAN / America's Sweetboy
  5. Gory Agnes / Haunted Couch
  6. Body Spray / Luxury Car Service
  7. Cookie Racket / Busted Arm
  8. Pigfoot / Tae Kwon Bro
  9. A Cabbage Day Miracle / Sewer Shark
  10. Springtime for Christmas / Yellow Snow
  11. Bee Colony / The Goose's Juice
  12. Wiz Fest / Gym Rats
  13. 90's Adventure Bear / Parking Lot Carnival
  14. Volcano / Bike Jumper
  15. Francine / Cell Phone Tree
  16. Sneaky Patty Sleepover / Baby Tooth
  17. Bats / Movie Camp Out
  18. What Lies Beneath / The Rat King Moves In
  19. Night Shift / Scalped
  20. Australia
  21. Trick or Treat

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