YTV USA (Pretty Cure) is Pikachufreak's idea where the longest running Pretty Cure anime airs on YTV USA. Over 49 episodes have aired altogether.


  1. Natalie Blackstone (Rocio Barahona)
  2. Hannah Whitestone (Michelle Molineux)


  1. What D' You Mean Transform?
  2. Cleaning up the City
  3. Who's the New T.A.?
  4. Mystery at the Museum
  5. Is it Over Yet?
  6. Mountains, Ogres and Bears
  7. Lacrossed Wires
  8. The Pretty Cure Breakup
  9. Get Him Back! Operation Rescue!
  10. Birthday Heist
  11. Fish Out of Water
  12. Darkness in Disguise
  13. Who's The New Student?
  14. Spot the Fakes
  15. We Need A Vacation
  16. Practice Makes Perfect
  17. Cultivating Crushes
  18. Midterm Mission
  19. The Dark Zone's Secret Weapon
  20. A Double Dose of Smart
  21. The Truth about Kirea
  22. Puppy Pandemonium
  23. Summer Camp Fiasco
  24. Match Point! Pretty Cure Vs. Ilkubo
  25. Return to the Garden of Light
  26. Saying Goodbye is Never Easy
  27. A New Evil Gathers
  28. Turning Up the Heat
  29. Summer Ends with a Bang
  30. Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm
  31. Porun on the Loose
  32. Cheer Up Porun
  33. Teamwork Saves The Day
  34. Running On Empty
  35. You Call This A Date?
  36. Guardian's Great Escape
  37. Shaking Up Shakespeare
  38. Ryan's Solo Mission
  39. Patching It Up
  40. Sleepover Nightmare
  41. Losing Isn't an Option
  42. Together, We Are One!
  43. Fergie's Birthday Brouhaha
  44. A Holiday Visitor
  45. Choir Chaos
  46. A New Year Debacle
  47. The Dark Zone Expedition
  48. Evil vs. Evil
  49. Fight for the Future

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