YTV USA (Super Pig) is Pikachufreak's idea where the Super Pig anime airs on YTV USA, with only fifty-one episodes in total.


  1. Kassie Carlen (Julie Maddalena)
  2. Heather Hogwarsh (Laura Summer)
  3. Prudence Plum (Caryn Rosenthal)
  4. Penny Round (Wendee Lee)
  5. Lance Romero (Richard Casino)
  6. Radford Tammack (Tom Romero)
  7. Harley Hoover (Anna Garduno)
  8. Milton Massen (Kirk Thornton)


  1. The Little Big Prince
  2. Score One for Super Pig
  3. All’s Fair in Love and Tennis
  4. The Impigerator
  5. Sport-A-Rama
  6. Raiders of the Lost Snout
  7. Face To Face
  8. Fit To Be Tied
  9. Racing Against the Rain
  10. Super Pig, Superstar
  11. Virtual Mess!
  12. Psychic Trouble
  13. Teamwork to the Test
  14. Lights, Camera, Action!
  15. Litter Bugs Me
  16. Unfortunate Circumstances
  17. Presents and Predicaments
  18. New Years Day
  19. Nursing Affections
  20. Super Seed
  21. Emotional Rollercoaster
  22. Love, Oniko Style
  23. Valentine's Craze
  24. A Watched Pond Never Freezes
  25. Family Traditions
  26. My Rival, Myself
  27. Iggy, I Shrunk the Pig!
  28. K.C.'s First Crush
  29. Pearls Before Swine
  30. Good Pig, Bad Pig
  31. Political Pig!
  32. Love Blossoms
  33. It's All In Your Head
  34. Carp-A-Diem
  35. Dancing For Dollars
  36. The Secret of Sushi Princess
  37. Lance In Love
  38. The Crest Part 1
  39. The Crest Part 2
  40. The Pig In Her Past
  41. Milton's Theory
  42. Identity Crisis
  43. Scary Stories
  44. Finders Keepers
  45. Super Pig vs. Ginger Flame
  46. Sabotage
  47. Heather's Birthday
  48. The Other Side
  49. The Race of Save Town
  50. Nothing But The Truth
  51. It's Hard To Say Goodbye


  • This is made from Saban.

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