YTV US (Evergirl) is Pikachufreak's idea on how to televise Evergirl to the US YTV. Over four seasons and seventy-eight episodes have aired altogether.


  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Luna Richards
  • Janice Kawaye as Hermione Guerrilla Richards
  • Jocelyne Loewen as Deborah Richards
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Joey Caleb Richards
  • Frank Welker as Russell Richards
  • Lyon Smith as Craig Richards
  • Katie Griffin as Sizzler
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Leon Bryant
  • Hynden Walch as Margaret Hillsey
  • Eden Sher as Dominique Carter
  • Jennifer Hale as Aprilia "April" Cook
  • Linda Cardellini as Cecilia "Crimson" Kang
  • Kelly Sheridan as Lori Horowitz
  • Danny Cooksey as Peter Davidson
  • Andrea Baker as Juliette "Julie" Deetswood
  • Candi Milo as Della Valle
  • Grey DeLisle as Catherine "Cat" Cooper
  • Elizabeth Daily as Cherry Wakeman
  • Nikki Yang as Mai Hiyamoto
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara as Tiffany Blake
  • Linda Rae as Mrs. Hilda Glenderman
  • Kari Wahlgren as Principal Madonna December


Season 1 (September 2003-November 2003)

  1. An Evergirl Story
  2. Fancy and Elegant
  3. Just The Ticket
  4. Dominique's Prediction
  5. Rooms For Sharing
  6. Fierce Wolves
  7. Stuck In A Sewer
  8. An Evergirl Halloween
  9. Loss of A Rival
  10. Bold and Mold
  11. Clean-Up Week
  12. A Stray Skunk
  13. Luna's Thanksgiving

Season 2 (September 2004-May 2005)

  1. Pathetic Jerks!
  2. The Big Triathlon
  3. Sunk For Disappointment
  4. Cheated Bullies
  5. Ruins of The Secrets
  6. Into The Pit
  7. Lifting Up The Pieces
  8. As Good As Lori
  9. When Time Passes
  10. A Heated Relationship
  11. Whacked Unconscious
  12. Stunning Glamours
  13. Sandwiches For Sale
  14. Life With Crimson
  15. Rodents Are Cocky
  16. Naval Whales
  17. A Christmas Evergirl
  18. Happy Evergirl Year
  19. Wasted With The Junk
  20. Principal December's Nightmare
  21. You've Been Lori'd!
  22. The Plague of Honor
  23. Hitting A Home Run
  24. Within The Doll House
  25. Spiritual Committees
  26. Periods Stink!
  27. Public Girls
  28. Sizzler's Feline Escapade
  29. You're Voted!
  30. Sun, Surf and Nerd Experiments
  31. Yanked Away
  32. Living A Slow Life
  33. Guess Who?
  34. The Organ of Knowledge
  35. Whisked Off
  36. Babysitter Margaret
  37. Underneath The Bed
  38. Cat's Suds
  39. A Viral Turn

Season 3 (September 2005-November 2005)

  1. Scandals Don't Complain
  2. Halfway Through The Race
  3. Piping The Noise Down
  4. Crossing Paths
  5. The Fridge of Disaster
  6. Banned On The Loose
  7. Hearts of Bravery
  8. A Blind Citizen
  9. Up and At Them!
  10. Tiffany The Bullfighter
  11. Wimpy Journals
  12. Legacies
  13. Bankers At Work

Season 4 (September 2006-November 2006)

  1. A Starstruck Dilemma
  2. Kettle Up The Milk
  3. A Bird's Nest
  4. Catching A Score
  5. Hermione and The Bees
  6. Bad To The Bone
  7. Cramped
  8. Stop Bragging About Mrs. Glenderman!
  9. A Big Development
  10. Treetop Clowns
  11. What A Relief
  12. Lori Is Busted!
  13. An Evergirl Graduation

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