YTV US (Music Stars!) is Pikachufreak's idea where the Peter Hannan Productions/Disney Channel original animated series Music Stars airs on the US YTV. Over four seasons with seventy-eight episodes have aired altogether.


  1. Maisie Stewart (Linda Cardellini)
  2. Blythe Hille (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  3. Janette Cordonnier (Jessica DiCicco)
  4. Carine Cordonnier (Eden Sher)
  5. Licorice Geller (Nika Futterman-Frost)
  6. Dionne Cooper (Candi Milo)
  7. Angelique Piablo (Jennifer Hale)
  8. Camilla Johnston (Hynden Walch)
  9. Millie Hunt (Grey Griffin)
  10. Poppy Gardner (Kelly Sheridan)
  11. Mariyah Madden (Janice Kawaye)
  12. Ashlynn Grass (Jackie Buscarino)
  13. Tsou Sying (Kristen Li)


Season 1 (September 2008-November 2008)

  1. The Start of Music
  2. Longing For A Break
  3. Buns and Pans
  4. Camilla Goes To Court
  5. Riders Beyond
  6. Chances and Opportunities
  7. Deja What?
  8. A Music Stars Halloween
  9. Ruins of Discovery
  10. Cringed To Each Other
  11. Slippery Slopes
  12. Nothing But Flattened Tires
  13. A Music Stars Thanksgiving

Season 2 (September 2009-May 2010)

  1. Reign of Doom
  2. The Heroic Marauders
  3. Don't Step On It
  4. Three Cheers For Dionne
  5. Fenced Within You
  6. Mariyah The Fly
  7. Win It or Lose It
  8. Hit By Lightning
  9. A Spooky Greeting
  10. Sheets of Knowledge
  11. Long Wires
  12. Neat and Clean
  13. Bus Drivers For A Day
  14. Foolish Than A Walrus
  15. The Joke's On Camilla
  16. Waiting For The Mail Delivery
  17. A Music Stars Christmas
  18. A Music Stars New Year
  19. Keep Your Pantheons
  20. Whisked Away
  21. Don't Ask Blythe
  22. Chomped Down
  23. Chalks For A Routine
  24. A Music Stars Valentine
  25. This Is No Castaway
  26. Dumped For Contempt
  27. Clarifying Your Name
  28. Janette and Carine's Physical Therapy
  29. The Wizards of Nowhere
  30. Life With Camilla
  31. Camping Out
  32. A Power of Teamwork
  33. It's Not A Politic
  34. Grappled By Accident
  35. Princess Licorice
  36. You've Been Outwitted!
  37. Cleaning Up With The Cordonnier Sisters
  38. Necessary Madness
  39. Dribbling The Hoops

Season 3 (September 2010-November 2010)

  1. Heart of Legends
  2. Canned About
  3. A Dam Too Far Away
  4. Hoping For A Committee
  5. Camilla's Banned Day
  6. Lost Without A Trail
  7. Broken To Smithereens
  8. Jogging For Victory
  9. Witches of The Night
  10. Working For Octavia Brown
  11. Dreaded Surprises
  12. Coming For A Stand
  13. A Room Divided

Season 4 (September 2011-November 2011)

  1. Liberty's Girls
  2. Keeping Up The Good Work
  3. Flaming The Scales
  4. The Unhappy Citizen
  5. Roll The Dice!
  6. Puppy Love
  7. Get A Load of This Stunt
  8. Angelique The Secretary
  9. Vampire Camilla
  10. Sweet Little Liars
  11. The Lost Plunger
  12. Watching The Skies
  13. A Music Stars Finale

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