Model number: YXMM-000
Code name: Ignis Fatuus
Unit type: Mobile Fighter
Manufacturer: ???
Operator: Mila Velka
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace
Dimensions: head height 17.2 meters
Weight: empty 7.5 metric tons; max gross 16.9 metric tons; max gross with Monolith Armor 21.1 tons
Construction: gundarium alloy super-ceramic composite rare metal hybrid
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rated at 4210 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4 x 15,000 kg, 4 x 4000 kg; vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 18; Monolith Armor additional rocket thrusters: 4 x 2000 kg, 2 x 4000 kg; total vernier thrusters/apogee motors with Armor: 24
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 4.5 G; Monolith Armor with thrusters maximum thruster acceleration 4.36 G; Monolith Armor without thrusters maximum thruster acceleration 3.6 G; maximum water speed with Monolith Armor 120 knots
Sensor Range: 20,000 meters
Equipment and design features:
- Phantasm Suite: Six cables hang from the back of the Ignis Fatuus. Though seemingly unimportant, they are actually highly complex hologram projectors and sensor suites. Each one is capable of producing up to half a dozen mirror images of the Ignis Fatuus or any other object within sight range, including images registered in the Ignis Fatuus’ computer. These holograms can be projected some distance away from the Mobile Suit, and can take on a wide range of motion. Images can even be projected onto the Ignis Fatuus itself.
- Monolith Armor: Given the conditions on Earth after the Divinidad event, it became apparent to Mila that the Ignis Fatuus was not properly designed for efficient underwater combat. To counter this, he first modified the Mobile Fighter so that it was properly sealed for underwater conditions and correctly pressurized. Then, he created an optional set of armor for the torso, shoulders, and legs, containing specialized compartments into which either standard thrusters or hydrojets can be mounted. This greatly increases the Ignis’ maneuverability underwater, without requiring a complete redesign of the frame to make it more streamlined. In addition, the extra armor is anti-beam coated, as well as constructed from the Mobile Fighter standard gundarium alloy super-ceramic composite rare metal hybrid. There are also four chest ports for additional equipment, but when unused they are covered by armor hatches.
Fixed Armament: 4 x Anti-Beam Coated Knife, stored in hidden underarm compartment
Optional Hand Armament: 1 x “Poltergeist Blade”, 1 x “Nightmare Sheath”

Poltergeist Blade: After losing the original Haunting Sword, Mila was forced to reconstruct a blade worthy of the Ignis Fatuus with what was available on Earth. Though he was unable to forge a masterful blade, he was able to create a sturdy metal core into which a number of emitters were built. While resembling the original, this new blade uses a beam edge to cut and lacks the superheating components, which were unavailable at the time of its construction. Since it was intended for use on Earth, the blade is also polarized, thereby fully functional in underwater combat. In addition, a beam rapier is emitted from the point, and the blade can be “flattened” to create a longer, thinner beam. This is useful both for extending the weapon's reach and performing more precise cuts during salvage operations.

However, what truly sets it apart from other weapons is the addition of hologram projectors in the hand guard. When activated, replicas of the Poltergeist Blade and the arm wielding it are projected, making it extremely difficult to tell which strike is the real one. Haunted by the fakes, an opponent can easily be distracted and struck down in any number of ways.

Nightmare Sheath: The Velka sword style frequently makes use of the sword’s sheath as a second, off-hand weapon. To accommodate this, the Nightmare Sheath was built to compliment the Haunting Sword. Though designed as a shield, there is a compartment for sword storage on the underside, from which the hilt (and projectors) can be accessed. Like the sword, its “sheath” is made from gundarium, and the lower half has a beam edge so that it can act like a blade. The top portion’s split contains “beam teeth,” small blades that can protrude to physically catch and hold a beam blade. All three points are deadly and made for combat. After the loss of the Haunting Sword, it was redesigned to store the Poltergeist Blade.

Special Attacks:
Shadow Covenant- Utilizing a combination of its halographic technology and a technique passed down from the Velka ancestor, the Ignis Fatuus can disappear from sight if it is not currently engaged in combat. This requires some concentration on the part of the pilot to initiate and maintain.

Technical Notes:

The Ignis Fatuus is the personal Mobile Fighter of Mila Velka, a swordsman and Gundam Fighter from Side 9. As is common among Mobile Fighters, the machine is designed specifically for use by a proponent of a certain combat style, and the Ignis Fatuus is no exception. It carries both a sword and “sheath” to replicate the weapon-and-scabbard aspect of Velka style, while also emphasizing deception, intimidation, and unorthodox methods. As the emblem of a technique born from the ranks of gladiators, the machine is deadly and designed for survival.

Strangely, despite the complexities of the machine, it carries no identifying marks to point out a manufacturer. The armor is unique, all the weapons forged with extreme care, and every system impeccably designed, but there is little to no history on any of them. In fact, the existence of Ignis Fatuus was entirely unknown until sometime after Divinidad’s discovery. Whether Mila actually had the machine built or inherited it is a mystery, and he is the only one who knows the truth.

Secrets aside, the Ignis Fatuus is incomplete in its current form. What additions are left to be made is also unknown, and Mila is tight-lipped about his plans for the machine. Nevertheless, at its current level the Mobile Fighter is a very real threat, and not to be taken lightly.

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