Version 1

Yakkity: Funding for Yakkity Yak was provided by...

Lemony: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, and PNC.

Yakkity: That was great, Lemony.

Lemony: We do have additional funding to talk about!

Yakkity: All right! Of course! Additional funding was provided by...

Lemony: Mattel.

Yakkity: And...

Lemony: Advil.

Yakkity: And...

Lemony: Reactine.

Yakkity: And...

Lemony: Viewers like you-thanks!

Version 2

Yakkity: Yakkity Yak is made possible by...

Lemony: ...the National Science Foundation, The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Yakkity: I love how you said that, Lemony.

(Penelope enters.)

Penelope: We do have additional funding to talk about.

Lemony: Okay. Additional funding was provided by...

Penelope: The Heising-Simons Foundation, Advil, Reactine, Tylenol, Wonder and viewers like you.

All: Thank you!

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