Yakkity Yak in Bollywood is a Japanese anime television film based on the Canadian/Australian/American 2001 Nickelodeon animated series, Yakkity Yak. The film features characters from the film but done in anime style. The film aired in TV Tokyo on February 18, 2013. An English dub, produced by Studio B Productions, premiered in Nickelodeon in February 24, 2013 featuring the reappearance of Yakkity in twelve years since the first episode premiered in 2001. All of the casts from the English version reprise their roles.


Originally, it was unlikely for Yakkity Yak to get a revival due to the low ratings in the show's airing rotation. But, a young Japanese girl watched an episode ("The Yak and the Hat", subtitled) of the show on Nick Japan and asked her father, an animator, if any new episodes would air. Hearing that, he decided to produce an anime adaption.


Yakkity Yak tries to forfil his life long dream as a stand-up comedian by going to Bollywood and performing comedy.


English version

  • Lee Tockar - Yakkity Yak: A 13-year old yak student in Onion Falls who wishes to become a stand-up comedian.
  • Brian Drummond - Kyo Homosai/Keo: A human boy with a pineapple for a head who is very intellegent but is weak and camera shy.
  • Andrea Limand - Srally/Lemony: A human girl with blond hair who has a vivid imagination and is very creative.
  • Pam Hyatt - Granny Yak: Yakkity's grandmother who knits and has some of her grandson's impulsive genes.
  • Ian James Cortlett - Higurashi-sensei/Mr. Highpants: A homosexual candy store owner who runs small businesses, collects sticky stuff, enjoys flossing and wears extremly long pants, hench the name.
  • Scottt McCord - Professor Ochimazu/Professor Crazyhair: A scientist who's hair changes color like a mood ring and rents out Yakkity's basement to use as a laboratory.
  • Tabitha St. Germain - Penelope: Professor Crazyhair's robotic girl assistant who lacks confidence and social skills.
  • Michael Daingerfield - Mr. Homosai/Keo's Dad: A talking pineapple who is the son of Keo and gets fights with him, but deep down, they care about each other.

Japanese Version

  • Mayumi Asano - Yakkity Yak, Kyo Homosai
  • Naoko Takono - Srally-chan
  • Paku Romi - Penelope-san
  • Chika Sakamoto - Obachaan Yak
  • Mitsuaki Hoshino - Higurashi-sensei, Mr. Homosai
  • Ryusei Nakao - Professor Ochimazu

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