Togruta NEGAS

A Yallitian

The Yallitians are native to the planet Yall, this humanoid race distinguished by the immense, striped horns - known as montrals - which sprouted from each side of their head. Three draping appendages ringed the lower part of their skulls. The coloration of these lekku evolved as a form of camouflage, confusing any predator which might try to hunt the Yallitian. Many beings believed that the Yallitians are venomous, but this was not true. This belief was started when an individual first witnessed a Yallitian feeding on a thimiar, which writhed in its death throes as if poisoned. On their homeworld, Yallitian lived in dense tribes which had strong community ties. The montrals of the Yallitian were hollow, providing the Yallitian with a way to gather information about their environment ultrasonically.

Common Names

  • Creev Zrgaat
  • Dyani Zaan
  • Jir Taalan
  • Qusak Laal
  • Vika Saaris

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