A Yao

The Yao are an economically motivated humanoid species from Yao Prime. They made contact with the humans when a ship crash landed on one of their colonies on March 8th 2567. In terms of physical features the Yao have rather broad noses with distinctly-shaped nostrils. Their skin is a yellowish-brown color. Their foreheads have a slight ridge-like protrusion which may be identical for all Yao. They also have brown hair which is usually thick and wavy when they are young, but like in Humans receding hairlines and baldness may occur in older Yao. Their hair follicles grow from the mid part of their heads, just after the ridge-like pattern. they populate earth and most of its colonies by 2573. Although technologically advanced, the Yao lack the technology to recycle antimatter waste, which emits hazardous theta radiation. Therefore, this hazardous waste is dumped in open space in vast quantities by waste export vessels. The Yao attempt to find uninhabited regions for this waste, but this is not always the case.

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