Flag of Yaponesia


Map of the Yaponesian Archipelago

The Yaponesian Archipelago

Yaponesia is a nation located on the far eastern side of the Eastern mini-continent. It goes by the formal name of 'The Yaponesian Archipelago'.


The capital city of Yaponesia is Solaré. The country shares borders with Comino and Calypso to the west, and a sea border with Lolee to the south via the 'Archipelago Islands'. Much of the northern regions of the country are mountainous, with some volcanoes towards the eastern coast, such as Mt. Kažarno.


The territory was first populated by the native 'Yaponjin' tribes in the south and the 'Orientals' in the east. However, the nation of Yaponesia was soon founded by travelling Xorientians from the north, and the country underwent a technological revolution, becoming the prosperous and popular nation it is today. The archaic Yaponesian language is still mainly spoken, however, and remains one of the most complicated languages across the continents.

Nation Song Contest


Yaponesia debuted in the Nation Song Contest 6 as the first country from the eastern continent with the touching ballad, Hand in Hand by Leehom Wang and David Tao, performed by various other Taiwanese artists as well, supporting SARS victims in 2003. The song failed to pass the semifinal, coming 21st out of 26 countries.


Yaponesia is due to participate for the second time in the Nation Song Contest 7 semifinal, once again under national broadcaster YETI. Their entry this time is an upbeat rock song Ready to Go by Republica.


Yaponesia also participated in the first Eurovision Special of the NSC with the Turkish song from 1989, Bana Bana by Pan. Despite coming a low 19th out of 22, the song still enjoyed more success at the NSC ESC than the actual Eurovision Song Contest, where it came 21st.

Nation World Cup

Yaponesia also enjoyed relative success at the Nation World Cup in Adamsburg, in which the national football team managed to get through to the quarter finals where they were knocked out by Rotterdamus.

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