Denobulan Male

Yarin Male

Denobulan Female

Yarin Female

The Yarin are a humanoid species. Yarins are typically polygamous, where a man typically has three wives, who each have three husbands. This creates extremely large extended families. In addition, Yarin marriages are not exclusive, and married Yarins can be intimate with anyone they choose. The females emit powerful pheromones during their mating season. Male Yarins often become combative during this time, and mating can require medical supervision. Yarins typically prefer to be amongst large groups and find solitude uncomfortable. However, Yarins, at least males, are uncomfortable being touched by persons they are not intimate with. Yarins have prominent facial ridges running down either side of the forehead to the cheeks, an enlarged brow ridge under a high receding hairline, a vertical crevice in the center of the forehead and a ridged chin. They also have ridges on their back, along the spine. Their toenails are dark brown and yellow striped, and they grow so rapidly that they must be groomed once a week. Yarins also have very long tongues, and they use tongue scrapers. Yarin males have a line of hair down the middle of their chest, up to their throat. Yarin females have very potent pheromones that the males can sense, that they release when they are romantically interested in someone, and presumably during their mating season. Yarin males have been known to become violent during the mating season.

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