Name: Yasfir


Genre: Occult Horror

Race: Ghost

Occupation: ---

Gender: Female

Description and Character Notes:

A white (literally) girl, long since passed away, and her spirit bound to another. She appears to have died in her late teens, early twenties. Atop her head is white, straight hair that goes down to just below her shoulders and her eyes are a piercing blue. She has a lithe build.


Body: 4
Mind: 6
Soul: 8
Health Points: 50
Energy Points: 70
Shock Value: 12
Combat Value: 7
Defense Value: 5


Acrobatics 1x4 = 4
Stealth 1x4 = 4
Melee Attack 3x5 = 15
Melee Defense 1x5 = 5
Riding 2x1 = 2
Insubstantial 1x4 = 4
Incorporeal Form
Combat Mastery 1x2 = 2
Magical Restrictions 2x-1 = -2
Speed 3x1 = 1
Energy Bonus 1x1 = 1
Magic (and Psionics) 4x4 - 2 = 14 (2 magic points left)
Weapon Attack 6x4 = 24 (30 damage)
Drain Soul (2 points of Soul drained)
Soul Attack
Reincarnation 3x3 = 9
5 Fewer Points
Vulnerability 2x-1 = -2
Not So Strong 1x-1 = -1
Cannot Talk 2x-1 = -2

Info And Comments For: Magical Restrictions 2x-1 = -2 Comments: Must be close to Raskolnikov

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