A Yatir

The Yatir are a nomadic species of hunters who were encountered by the Humans in 2570. Yatir adult males are quite large, standing above the average height of other known humanoid species. Their sensory perception is acute and quite useful for a hunting species. The Yatir also possess an impressive immune system for attacking foreign bodies. They use an enzyme to break down the bones and muscle tissue of their prey. This suggests that the Yatir use some of their victims as food. Yatir society centers around "the hunt", which they regard with a reverence that borders on spiritual awe. Elements of their culture, such as social rituals and beliefs, are based on the hunt. One of the rituals surrounding the hunt involves hunters applying paint to their faces and helmets for both the hunt and the kill. On Earth, they normally go to public holodomes in order to train.

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