Look Miffy! Look Patchy! That must be Texas!


Yee-haw! is a full length special


A new Find and Save Centre is going to be

built in Wuzzleburg as a base

for Harry, Rock, and a new- arrival

called Cap. Special new wood from Cosmo's home is

going to be used to build it. Everyone is excited

and all want to help build it. Nasty, wanting to prove

he is better than the others, tries to get the wood to

Find and Save on his own and runs with it. Widget

sees that Nasty is running too fast and runs

right after him. The chase results in a brave rescue as

Widget helps Nasty from almost falling off

an unfinished viaduct. The wood however, falls into

the ocean- now there is nothing to build Find and Save.

As a result of her hard work,Widget recieves the job of taking

new wood. She soon learns that there's

no more room on the boat, but Widget wants

to be carried on a raft. She says goodbye

to all her friends and heads for the ocean.

That night, the raft that is lifting Widget

gets separated from the boat and poor

Widget is left and stranded in Texas

a wonderful place with new things

to explore. Widget finds that it

has its own town, and meets three

friendly people called the Western Fixers,'

who live there- Buckest and two little

twins named Buck and Bucker, who were

sent to Texas after causing problems. Widget

also discovers that Texas has a lot of rare

wood! With the help of Buck, Bucker, and Buckest,

she wants to find her way back to Wuzzleberg and

soon finds more mysteries- even a western

tunnel that is connected to both towns. Meanwhile,

Harry and Cap try to find Widget. Widget attempts

to go through the tunnel to Wuzzleberg, but she and the

Western Fixers get stuck after the tunnel

falls in. Widget tries the signals Patchy told

her about. After being seen by Huggy, Jerry, Walden,

Daizy, and Earl sail to Texas trying to look for

Widget while Huggy and Stinky go through

the tunnel. They come to a

blockade, break through to Widget, and

they all go back to Wuzzleberg. Widget

sails back to find Jerry and her friends. After

Buck, Bucker, and Buckest are getting the

treatment at the repair shop, they help

to build Find and Save. Soon, it is opened.

As everyone is saying Yee-haw, and Yippikya, Nasty 11

comes up, sniggers, and tells everyone that they will be

saying Yee-haw on the other side of their

bodies soon.








Mr. Gummy (does not speak)


Buck and Bucker (debut)

Buckest (debut)


Nasty 11


Cap (debut)

Bird Watcher (cameo)

Teacher (cameo)


Buggy (cameo)

Duke (does not speak)




Bert (cameo)

Trot (cameo)

Col (cameo)

Tom (cameo)




Clifford (does not speak)

Tuffy (cameo)


Band (cameo)

Val (cameo)

Spike (cameo)

Angel (cameo)




Big Big Bridge

Find and Save

Repair Shop


Stinky's Garbage Dump


Western Tunnel

Resting Home

Loading Pond

Loading Station





Micheal Brandon as narrator and Nasty

Martin Sherman as Widget and Mr.Gummy

Kerry Shale as Jerry, Robin, Earl, Walden, and Spix

William Hope as Daizy, Huggy, and Stinky

Glenn Wrage as Buckest, Rock, and Miffy

Jules de Jongh as Wubbzy

Keith Wickham as Cap and Patchy

Togo Igawa as Cosmo

David Bedella as Trix

Matt Wilkinson as Nasty 11

UK and AUS

Michael Angelis as narrator

Ben Small as Widget, Mr. Gummy, and Buckest

Keith Wickham as Huggy, Walden, Earl, Robin, Daizy, Jerry, Harry, Cap, Bucker, Patchy, and Stinky

Teresa Gallagher as Wubbzy

Matt Wilkinson as Rock, Trix, Buck, Miffy, Nasty 11, and Spix

Kerry Shale as Nasty

Togo Igawa as Cosmo

Bonus Features

Find Widget, game

Yee-haw! Karaoke music video

Jerry Karaoke music Video

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