Due to the controversial nature of character analyses, the YU Community Wiki recognizes no analysis as definite. Instead of providing a single analysis which would, given the history of wiki editing, be consumed by endless edit warring, the Wiki instead chooses to offer users the opportunity to offer their own analyses for others' perusal. (for character fact analyses, refer to the Character Fact Sheet)

Rules: Keep on topic. Do not digress from the analysis. Comparisons to real-life individuals and circumstances are acceptable for purposes of illustration. Content that goes against the rules of common civility (including content that may be considered illegal or harrassing) will be removed.

Barring the violation of the above rules, no analysis posted here may be removed from this page or from the Wiki, except by the original author. Additionally, no editing may be made to an analysis that has already been posted, except by the original author's expressed consent. The content of this page may be edited for purposes of proofreading and coherency.

The Wiki is not responsible for the content of any analysis posted here, nor does the Wiki endorse any particular analysis.

Guidelines: When posting your analysis, you should state the title of the Analysis followed by your pseudonym/online nick. Below the title you should describe the content of your analysis in a few words, to give the reader a general idea of what your analysis is about. Your analysis should be proofread, clearly understandable, and to the point. You may use any necessary material to support your analysis, and your analysis can appraise any part of the character's personality. Try to stay on fact, but don't be afraid to explore the larger dimensions of a character's person.

Note: these are guidelines, and need not be followed precisely. Use common sense to make your arguments as understandable as possible.

This list is not exhaustive. Poorly developed characters, with little or no backstory, would be difficult material for analysis and hence, are excluded. Note that some characters have little independent backstory are paired with other characters with whom they share history.

Royal Army


The Growth of a Queen by Tcaudilllg

Through trial and adversity, Yggdra learns what it means to rule.



















Minor Characters

Bandits, Thieves, and Mercenaries: Inzaghi, Ortega, Mizer, and Dort

The Undines: Ishiene and Emelone

Pope Joachim

The Meriant Sect: Mardym, Amareus, and Juvelon

The Bronquian People's Militia: Monica and Canaan


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