Yie Ar Kung-Fu (イー・アル・カンフー Ī Aru Kanfū?) is a Japanese anime series based on the 1985 game of the same name created by Konami. This anime is created by Glen Murakami. This anime features poor lip-syncing and less mouth movements as in most animes.

The series first appeared in the showcase "VideoNewplex", a series featuring five cartoons based on popular arcade video-games or home consoles such as Dragon's Lair, Super Mario Bros. and Ms. Pacman. Only two pilot episodes were made which later become the success of the series. As of 2011, any episodes feature the two pilots were forbidden to air or were heavily edited from the opening to the timeline to avoid copyright issues.

In September 3, 2011, the series has been renewed for another season, despite the unexpected cancellation in May 12, 2011. The series still keeps it's animation style and keeps Oolong the same age and the poor lip-syncing. The season's name was changed to Yie Ar Kung-Fu: Terrany Triumps in which the plot takes place in Yie-Ar Kung Fu II and before Martial Champion; a game inspired by Yie Ar Kung-Fu but also inspired Street Fighter II. Oolong, the main character of the first season will return in the second season in an upcoming episode.


In the memory of his deceased father, 18-year old Chinese-Japanese kung-fu warrior Oolong Murakami (written 烏龍 Wūlóng, and ウーロン Ūron in Japanese) is now entering the karate championships "YieAr Kung Fu" (Chinese: 一二功夫; pinyin: yī èr gōng fū; literally "One Two Kung Fu"; "Yie Ar" is pronounced "ee-ar") to become titled "Grand Master".

The second season does not feature Oolong due to the fact that he become the Grand Master at the season finale/supposed series finale. The series follows the adventures of Chinese-American boy, Lee Young, who is the son of Wang Xao, who eliminated the terroristing villains known as "The Chop Suey Gang". One member survived and became Emperor Yie-Gah using homemade Jiaog-shi as slaves. Now, Lee must rid of Yie-Gah to end the gang once and for all.


  • Oolong Murakami: The main character of the video game. He is a young kung-fu warrior who's father died during the Vietnam War but was recovered and died again. In the memory of his courageous moves, he enters "YieAr KungFu" to be titled Grand Master of Kung Fu. His catchphrase is "xiè xiè" (Mandarin Chinese for "thank you") when ever he wins, is too excited or he thanks someone. This is sometimes mistaken for the word "sushi"[who?]. He is named after series creator, Glen Murakami and is voiced by Sean Fujiyoshi, making Sean the first Nigahiga character to be the first main character.
  • Hodoken Murakami: The deceased father of Oolong. He died during the Vietnam War but was revived later but died off due to cancer. In the memory of him, Oolong entered the competition. He is voiced by Keone Young.
  • Buchu: A balding sumo wrestler who uses a leaping motion to land of Oolong. He loves eating and he does not use weapons at all to fight. He is the first opponent in the competition. Whenever he gets kicked in the crotch, his eyes bug out and he says "nǐ hǎo" (which is Mandarin Chinese for "hi" or "hello"). Voice of Tom Kenny.
  • Star: The first female opponent Oolong faces. Star is a young ninja girl in a pink outfit who uses shuriken to slow Oolong down along with fast punches and kicks. She has a crush on Oolong but wishes not to admit it. Voice of Miranda Cosgrove, making Miranda's third voice role.
  • Nuncha: A man in a yellow gi swinging nunchaku at Oolong in an effort to slow him down. He is commonly known as the original Chosen One and his gi is actually a bath towel. He speaks in a haiku type of way of dialogue. Voice of Adam Reid.
  • Pole: Pole is a short man who carries a large bo and uses it on Oolong. Pole also uses it to pole vault for extra momentum for his moves. He is short tempered and wants to win very badly. Voice of Rob Paulsen.
  • Feedle: A cloner known for the ninja masting strike. Numerous enemies (or the same enemy who can replicate himself) attack from both sides of Oolong. Voice of Brain Drummond.
  • Chain: He awaits Oolong at the start of the second gauntlet. (At the end of the first one in the Commodore 64 version.) He's a large man which swings a giant chain with a claw-like attachment at the end. He is the only character in the YAKF series not to have any speaking roles.
  • Club: A retired clubber who uses bruth force to settle his ways. Club swings a giant spiked club (chúi) and bears a shield on his right arm to block most of Oolong's attacks. Voice of Paul Reubens.
  • Fan: A geisha performer who wears a cheongsam and is more feminine than Star. Fan throws steel fans at Oolong like shuriken and attacks very fiercely. The fans fall in a feather-like pattern. She speaks Japanese and also has a crush on Oolong. Voice of Janice Kawaye..
  • Sword: Fan's over-protective brother who comes ready to pounce on Oolong with a Dao and impressive aerial moves. Like Fan, he speaks in a fluent language as well but he is capable of speaking both English and Mandarin Chinese at the same sentence. Voice of Daisuke Suzuki when speaking Chinese but voiced by Jeff Bennet when speaking English.
  • Tonfun: The final opponent Oolong must face before meeting his ultimate challenger, Blues. Tonfun attacks with two tonfa and fast-paced martial arts. Oolong has to time his attacks and hope that Tonfun makes a mistake to survive. Like Pole. he is cocky but is agorant as well and wishes to kill his opponents.
  • Blues: A wizard shape-shifter who can transform into anything and anyone. He wishes to corrupt Oolong and to make him his obedient slave by transforming into a mirror image of Oolong without a shirt and to copy him move to move. Oolong has to find some weakness on Blues to win. Since none of his clothes are blue, his name could be another Bruce Lee reference, based on his first name's pronunciation when said by a Japanese speaker. Blues is also known for his dark magic. He is voiced by Ryan Higa who is Sean's friend and co-creator of "Nigahiga". Ryan would later return in the series to provide the voice for the new main character, the star of the second season, Lee Young.

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