Yo Putt Putt is an animated TV series that features Putt Putt and his friends as teenagers. They solve crimes that were happening around Apple Valley and the circus.

Characters and their designs:

Putt Putt: He looks the same, except that he wears a blue cap

Pep: Same, but he wears a green and red cap

Honko the Clown: He wears a yellow beanie instead of his hat although his bowtie remains the same and was given glasses.

Herb: He wears a huge "H" bling on his neck, a light blue T Shirt and navy blue jeans, as well as blue and white sneakers.

Pearl: She wears, an orange dress, light green pants and green and white sneakers.

Hammy: He wears a blue cap, a teal T Shirt and navy blue jeans followed by his blue and white sneakers.

Phillipe the Flea: He wears a black beret, a black and white striped shirt (like a Frenchman) and blue and white sneakers.

Reginald the Lion: He keeps his crown, but has a neatly combed long mane, an "R" bling in his neck and a red T shirt instead of his tunic. However, he still wears it while performing at the circus.

Terri & Marie Tiger: Both wear pink bows on their heads.

Katie Cannonball: Her helmet was designed to be similar to Little Miss Daredevil's from The Mr Men Show. She was also given eyelashes.

All the other characters from Putt Putt and His Circus Friends (which are from Putt Putt Joins the Circus and Putt Putt Saves the Zoo) also appeared as teenagers, although they all look the same.

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