File:The Fox and the Hound


            Mickey Ronney as Tod
              Dan Aynkroyd
                "Yogi Bear"
                 Kurt Russell as Copper
            James Arnold Taylor
            "Huckleberry Hound"
            Pearl Baily as Big Mama
              Justin Timberlake
                "Boo-Boo bear"
             Jack Alberton as Amos
               Patric Zimmerman
              "Augie Doggie/Doggy Daddy"
                 Sandy Duncan as Vixey
                  Jentte Nolan as Tweed
                      John Maranio
                     "Wally Gator"
               Pat Buttham           Chief
               John Felider          Badger
               Dick B.               Dinky
               Maurice LaMarche      QuickDraw McGraw/Magilla Gorilla/Atom Ant
               Victor Yerrid         Snagglepuss
                               Paul Winchell
                             Tom Kenny ... Top Cat
                             Chris Edgerly ... Peter Potomus
                             Bill Farmer ... Squiddly Diddly
                             Jullie Bennett ... Cindy Bear
                             Neil Ross ... Baba Looey



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