The original and alternate opening to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, entitled Yolkian Prologue, is a fan-fiction thing to make. It would've appeared on the Disney print of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


In the first version of the movie opening, the viewers will get to see how the filmmakers originally envisioned for the opening by having the Yolkians enter the solar system and set their course for Earth, before it was changed to the opening that we see in the final film that's inspired by Top Gun.



  • (Fades to Steve Oedekerk in a lobby, introducing himself and explaining to the viewers about the alternate Yolkian Prologue opening that ended up on the cutting room floor.)
  • Steve Oedekerk: Hi, I'm Steve Oedekerk, producer and co-writer of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
  • (Textbox: Steve Oedekerk - Producer, Co-Writer)
  • Steve Oedekerk: Now, with the changes to any animated film, comes the factor of having to either replace the scene or just delete it altogether. And this movie is no exception. In fact, some of the scenes we envisioned for it just didn't get to see the light of day. Speaking of which, here's the 1st original opening to the Jimmy Neutron movie, in which we...
  • (Monatage of clips showcasing the Yolkians plays.)
  • Steve Oedekerk: ...get to see the Yolkians much earlier than in the final film, heck, even before we actually get to meet the main protagonists...
  • (Live-Action Scene: Fades back to Steve Oedekerk)
  • Steve Oedekerk: ...themselves! Now the opening we envisioned started off with the Yolkians entering the solar system and charting their course for Earth. But like an egg on a frying pan, this scene ended up on the cutting room floor because Davis thought it will probably just ruin the film altogether. And so, we instead came up with a new idea for the opening, and eventually, the opening that you saw in the final version, was made, which was inspired by Paramount's Top Gun and allowed us...
  • (Fades to clips of Jimmy, Goddard, and Carl in Jimmy's rocket.)
  • Steve Oedekerk: introduce Jimmy and his friends much earlier than in the original cut.

Alternate Opening


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