The Yonna are a peaceful, highly-evolved craniopod species. Fully adapted to a civilized, high-technology lifestyle, Yonna are found galaxy-wide at all levels of society, most notably as engineers, scientists, intellectuals, consultants, and musicians. Yonna are craniopods with pale pink, yellow, or (rarely) green skin, large heads, large lidless eyes, and long fingers. The Yonnas internal systems were different from most humanoids, as the Yonna had only one lung. Yonna also lacked a proper nose, instead having highly sensitive olfactory organs hidden in the flaps of their cheeks. The other Yonna senses were also acute. Yonna could sense the tonal qualities of sound as well as other races sensed colors. Their eyes were able to focus to 0.07 on the Gandok Scale and they could see microscopic details of nearby objects, but were extremely nearsighted as a result. An interesting side effect of their incredible sensors was the effect of sonic grenades on them. It is being described as causing their heads to explode. Similarly, Yonna had high manual dexterity which helped them manipulate fine tools, though their physical prowess with gross motor skills was only average. Yonna had even evolved past the need for sleep. Instead, they would slip into a light meditative trance, which allowed them to get as much rest in four hours as other species could get in eight. During this trance, Yonna were still almost fully aware of their surroundings. Since they had relied on technology for so many generations, Yonna were also unable to reproduce naturally. Instead, they relied on artificial conception and gestation. Mates brought genetic material to a Computer Mating Service for analysis against prospective mates. Yonna children were created from genetic material from two parents, which was combined, fertilized, and incubated for a year. Their homeworlds main exports are the products of the Yonna intellect. Many Yonna worked as engineers, data analysts, or in other intellectual professions. Others used their intelligence, natural technical skills, and dexterity to work in the criminal underworld. Many Yonna worked as cantina staff, since bartenders in Yonna society held a position equivalent in many ways to priests in other cultures.

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