The People & Planet Garden is the most amazing allotment in the world.


The People & Planet Garden is on Low Moor. To get there just leave campus opposite the entrance to the new biology block, go straight accross the field (Walmgate Stray), and bear right.

Our plot is near the Fulford side. If you take the muddy path by the fence immediadly ahead of you on your left, then turn right on the 2nd to last path, our plot is the 2nd of the left! I'll draw a map someday, might explain better!


It belongs to Freya White & Sam Bateman. Freya is on a year out and wants to continue to use it when she returns, but there should be plenty of space for everyone. It's worth remembering that is not ours officially though.

We cannot pay for it using SU grant money because of health and safety issues, so that's another reason why we need to keep it unnoficial!




<- entrance, bonfire etc


  • 24/Mar - Planted lettuce and potatoes, and replanted carrots, which had all died. Also planted red currant tree and potted the raspberry tree.
  • 18/Feb - Planted beans and carrots.
  • 28/Jan - Started tidying!


  • 2 forks and a spade (donated, 2 at Charlotte's house, 1 at Ric's)
  • Lots of hand tools (donated, all at Charlotte's except 1 hand fork at Ric's)
  • 1 Hoe (belongs to Charlotte)
  • Various items Kate has!

Updated 25/3

To Do List

  • Pick up shards of glass
  • Dig up bricks
  • Remove rubbish from the big room
  • Lay a good path
  • Mend the green house
  • Sort the compost heap
  • Sort the rabbit hutch for use to keep tools >>Ric is onto this<<

Notices from Low Moor Allotment Association

  • There's a garden sale held every weekend on Saturday 12-2pm and Sunday 10am-12pm. Everyone welcome.
  • The next time skips will be provided in the car park will be 5-10th April.


York Uni People & Planet

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