Yoshi as Piglet

Mario as Pooh 

Luigi as Tigger

Waigi as Rabbit

Wario as Eeyore

Peach as Kanga

Diddy Kong as Roo

Donkey Kong as Owl

Toad as Christopher Robin

Woman Off Screen: [Singing] La la la la la la la la la la la la la.

Cut to an open scrapbook, which has a painted map of Peach's Castle inside it.

Woman Off Screen: Deep in Peach's Castle, where Toad lives..

In the toad's house, in Mario And Yoshi's bedroom, Yoshi is painting in his scrapbook, with his back towards the window. As he's painting,

Woman off screen: You'll find the remarkable neighbourhood of Toad's friends' childhood lives.

Yoshi looks at the picture he was just painting in his scrapbook proudly. It's a painting of him, Mario, Luigi, Waligi, Wario, Peach and Diddy Kong happily. Just then, Wario passes by, dressed as a Hero, carrying a Green-painted cardoard box.

Woman Off Screen: A Fat Guy named Wario is his friend.

Yoshi turns around and stares blankly at Wario and Luigi.

Woman Off Screen: And Peach, and little Diddy Kong.

Waligi joins Luigi and Wario. He is carrying a violin.

Woman Off Screen: There's Waligi and Yoshi, and there's Donkey Kong.

Mario stumbles on screen towards Waligi Wario and Luigi, carrying a square tool box over his head, due to its heavy weight.

Woman Off Screen: But most of all, Mario.

Mario bump into them, and they all fall over. Waligi scolds him. Yoshi watches them curiously as they walk in a line down the street.

Woman Off Screen: Mario, Mario. Short, little Hero with a love for inventing. He's Mario',

Mario. Willy, nilly, silly old boy.

Yoshi puts his scrapbook on the shelf, and later runs out of the house wearing his scarf.

'Yoshi's Green Movie'


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