Yoshi and Clyde is a custom video game from the Yoshi series released for the Nintendo 64 in December 27, 1997 in Japan, March 16, 1998 in North America and April 5, 1998 in Europe.


Boshi has kidnapped Birdo and taken over Yoshi's Island. So Yoshi and Clyde (a new character) must go to rescue Birdo and defeat Boshi.



  • Yoshi
  • Clyde


  • Birdo


  • Boshi
  • Kamek
  • King Bomb Omb


  • First apperence of Clyde.
  • There is a remake of this game called Yoshi and Clyde DS, with updated playable characters; Mario, Wario and Waluigi added, as well as Luigi as a non-playable character.

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