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Yoshi and DK Drive Thru series is a series which Yoshi and Donkey Kong go to different drive thru.

Burger King

  • Yoshi: Hi, it's me, Yoshi! I am Mario's best friend! And today, me and Donkey Kong are going to Burger King! (goes to the drive menu) Hey!
  • Donkey Kong: This is gonna be fun!
  • Yoshi: Yeah.
  • Cashier: Welcome to Burger King. What can I help for you today?
  • Yoshi: Hi! I'm Yoshi! I would have a chicken tender combo meal with fries and a orange soda. And Donkey Kong wants a cheese burger with large fries and a diet pepsi soda.
  • Cashier: Everything else for both of you?
  • Yoshi: I think that's enough.

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