The Knothole Freedom Fighters all call Sonic into home base, to which he thinks that there is a big problem. To his dismay, Sally asks Sonic to help get the map of Mobius folded up. After he does, Rotor tells Sonic that Robotnik has decided to make a speech at Casino Night Zone. Sonic rushes off to Robotnik's casino, Renobotnik, and infiltrates it. He arrives at the auditorium to hear Robotnik's speech, but before he can do anything, he is hit in the head by an Orbinaut, one of Robotnik's most recent badniks.

An unconscious Sonic is taken into a huge pinball machine by a SWATbot inside a small pinball, and is shot into the machine by Robotnik. Sonic hits the middle button, inside the pinball machine, and survives 20,000 watts and falls back to the outside of the machine. As Robotnik is about to load Sonic back up into the machine, he is told by a SWATbot that someone won at a game. While Robotnik goes off to beat the robot (the rules of the casino are, "if the house beats you, you get beaten by a hammer") Sonic used his spikes to cut into the pinball. When Robotnik returns, he puts Sonic back into the machine, but the pinball surrounding Sonic breaks. Sonic smashes the pinball machine, attacks Robotnik and blows up his casino. When Sonic returns to Freedom HQ, Sally asks Sonic to do another minor task: get a childproof cap off a bottle.

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