Episodes Can be Look and Fun from You Can Read


  1. Going Fishing/The Wishing Tree/Lucy Loves Schroeder/Goes Sledging/The Quiz/A Disappearing Trick
  2. Dill's TV Set/Orinoco And The Ghost/Philbert and the Dinosaur/Linus and Lucy
  3. Pat Takes a Message/On Strike/Truffles/Chorlton and the Spinning Spell/The Car/Storytime With Spot/Just Like Me
  4. The Special Offer/Trouble at the Wax Works/Mahatma Dill/Tractor Express/The Conkering Hero
  5. Paddington Bear Visits the Theatre/Fiercest Dinosaur/Sweet Babboo!/Spot Goes On Holiday/Some Like it Hot/The Day Nothing Happened
  6. Peep Peep Peep/School Patrol/Fenella and the Face Fungus/Thirsty Day/Spot's Lost Bone/All's Well That Ends Well/Endurance Test
  7. Duck Tries to Fly/Mr. Wimple's Breakfast Rolls/Sally at School/The Wheelhockey Derby/The Day Morph Was Ill/Spot Goes To The Farm

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