The Young Avengers was a team set up by the super heroes of the world because the Avengers died, every member that had been part of team there had ever been showed up at that battle was, Beast, Bucky, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Thor, but the world needed new Avengers.

Iron Man in this unoverse could go on Vision's database any time he wanted. So he found out about the Fail Safe Program, with teenagers with connections to all the teams of the super hero community. The line up included: Bruiser, Hawkeye, Nico Patriot, Warlock, Speed, and Surge.

Fake Heros?

The Young Avengers first adventure was on another planet. They were captured an tooken to Opposite Planet, by a army of Super Duplicates. But they were not exact clones, they has extra powers, and no real minds. The Young Avengers didn't know wher they were at first. So they took refuge in a where house. They stayed there for weeks, until a Wolverine duplicate attacked, hurting Bruiser. They took on the entire duplicate army, barely escaping with their lives.