David Darnell Brown (born March 15 1981), better known by his stage name Young Buck, is an American rapper who is a member of the rap group G-Unit. He founded his own record label called Cashville Records in 2004.[1]


Early life

Young Buck started rapping at the age of 12.[2] It was not until the age of fourteen that he started recording in the studio. Although he was in the studio, recording, he was also well known on the streets because he used to deal drugs in his neighborhood. Buck's mother is an Iranian immigrant and he is proud of his Iranian heritage.

The older drug dealers then gave him the nickname, "Young Buck", due to the fact that although he was dealing drugs at an early age he was also making money. Brian "Baby" Williams spotted Young Buck at the age of sixteen having a rap battle and took on the young rapper. It was not long before Buck left high school and was recording along with the rest of the Cash Money Crew. Juvenile and Young Buck left Cash Money at the same time. Young Buck joined UTP Records whilst Juvenile was trying to work out a deal with Suge Knight but Juvenile had legal problems and had to leave before they could finish the deal. Young Buck would later sign with G-Unit. [3]


After Young Buck helped Juvenile secure cars for his video "Ha", he headed back home. It was not long until he was in a tight situation. One man came through where Young Buck was dealing drugs and shot the rapper two times. Buck recalled:

"Motherfucker come kick in my door, 4, 5 in the morning. I was laying in the middle of the floor. He came standing on top of me with AK or a Mac something. I ain’t had no gun so I got my ass off the floor and ran towards the kitchen. It just so happen one of my homeboys, he was awake; he pushed the guy back up out the door. I got shot twice. One of them damned near blew my arm off and another caught me in my upper leg, in my thigh. I had so much illegal shit in the house at the time I rode around for 45 minutes to an hour before I even went to the hospital. I damned near lost my life from bleeding so much."[4]


G-Unit was founded when childhood friends, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo decided to make a group with each other. They met Young Buck when Cash Money Records artists came to New York and 50 Cent heard Young Buck rapping. After 50 Cent signed his contract with Aftermath Entertainment, Young Buck joined the group.

50 Cent gave Young Buck a feature on his successful debut Get Rich or Die Tryin' album on the track "Blood Hound". After this, he appeared on G-Unit's debut album, Beg for Mercy, which went on to be certified 2x Platinum.[5][6] Young Buck then released his debut album.


Debut album

After being with G-Unit for a little over a year, Young Buck released his debut album, Straight Outta Ca$hville with Ca$hville being a play on the name of Young Buck's home city, Nashville, Tennessee. Young Buck recalls:

I got the name from N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton. “Straight Outta Cashville speaks for itself. It tells you my way of living up on to this day. I want the world to get a feel of me, showing them the way I am and the way I get down [2]

Production was provided by Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon, Kon Artis and others. The album also featured guest appearances from Stat Quo, Lil Flip, David Banner, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Kon Artis amongst others.

The album received very little promotion after November because of the VIBE Awards incident after which Young Buck was arrested for assault. Straight Outta Ca$hville has been certified Platinum by the RIAA[7] with over 1.1 million sales in the U.S.[8] and 2.3 million Worldwide.[9][10]

Second album

Young Buck's second album, Buck the World was released worldwide on March 27 2007. Its title is a play on the expression "Fuck the World".

Production was provided by Dr. Dre, Jazze Pha, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Polow Da Don, and Lil Jon amongst others whilst guest appearances included 50 Cent, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Young Jeezy, Bun B, Trick Daddy, and Lyfe Jennings, T.I., Eightball & MJG.[11]

Buck the World debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, with sales of 141,083 in the first week.[12]


VIBE Awards incident

On November 15 2004, Jimmy James Johnson approached Dr. Dre at the VIBE Awards and reportedly asked for an autograph before Dr. Dre was about to go on stage. After Dr. Dre declined, Johnson punched him in the back of the head before running towards the nearest exit. A brawl ensued with several uniformed police officers attempting to break up the fight. Chairs were thrown, and it was alleged that Young Buck stabbed Johnson in the chest with a knife.[13][14] After video evidence was uncovered from the awards ceremony, the Santa Monica Police Department issued an arrest warrant issued for him. He eventually surrendered himself and faced up to 8 years in prison for felony assault. In a preliminary hearing, it was ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed with a jury trial. However, in December 2005, a deal was reportedly struck that would see Young Buck avoid trial. Scott Leemon, Young Buck's attorney said the charges have been "Favorably Resolved" with the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.[15]

The Game

After The Game was kicked out of G-Unit for being disloyal, Young Buck introduced rapper Spider Loc to 50 Cent. Spider Loc was later signed to G-Unit Records. The Game then released a track entitled "240 Bars" which insulted both Spider Loc and Young Buck. Young Buck then released a track called "The Real Bitch Boy", which featured Spider Loc and used a beat from The Game's track, "Where I'm from". In the song, Young Buck talks about how he didn't even know The Game when he mentions The Game's name on "Poppin' Them Thangs". Also, Young Buck talks about The Game being a male stripper and also how 50 Cent helped The Game to be successful with his album The Documentary.

The feud has continued to escalate, with there being an exchange of many tracks. In February 2007, The Game and Young Buck got into a non-physical altercation at a club, during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas. The last time that they were seen together was when The Game was part of G-Unit.[16]

Soon after, there was a rumored reconciliation between G-Unit and The Game. However, this was confirmed to be not true by Young Buck who commented on the situation. He said

I just think he's digging his own hole 'cause he won't never get another fucking conversation from me in any kind of sense to have resolvement in anything. Now it's like you deal with the goons the way you deal with them, Anything else, if the nigga keep poppin' shit like that, I'ma end his little career through the mixtape world. I ain't even gon' let 50 get dirty with this nigga, because I'm kinda upset at the fact that I heard the bullshit out of him and I don't know if he's aware that I recorded that conversation that we had over the phone. I ain't gon' play with that dude. When I go at him, I'm a go at him and I'ma Ja Rule this shit.[17]

In addition, the reconciliation will not happen any time soon because of Tony Yayo's alleged attack on James "Lil' Henchmen" Rosemond, who is the son of Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond, The Game’s manager. Tony Yayo was arrested on March 24 2007 and was accused of smacking Lil' Henchmen for wearing the shirt of his father's record label, Czar Entertainment. The Game released a new track entitled "Body Bags", which is aimed at the whole of G-Unit. Spider Loc responded with a song called "Toe Tagz", in which he insults The Game.

Young Buck released a song which is aimed at The Game called "Teach 'Em Bout Playin'", featuring C-Bo. In the song, Young Buck talks about his loyalty to 50 Cent and G-Unit and how The Game never showed his loyalty when he was part of G-Unit. He goes on to say how "Hell will freeze before the G-Unit splits up".

Lil Wayne

Young Buck also had a feud with New Orleans Cash Money Records rapper, Lil Wayne. The feud initially started when Young Buck witnessed Lil' Wayne kissing another man to say goodbye. After Young Buck aired his feeling about the situation on local radio stations, Lil' Wayne decided to start a feud, as he thought that Young Buck was trying to discredit him.

Young Buck released a song featuring Tony Yayo called "Off Parole" which insulted Lil Wayne. Young Buck said that Lil Wayne could not be angry, because Young Buck spoke the truth. Young Buck also said "You think you got a problem with Juve and B.G.; you'll have a true problem with me", referring o the Cash Money-Juvenile/B.G feud.[18][19]

Young Buck explained the situation in an interview and said

I said what I said about Lil Wayne and answered it with the truth about the whole kissing situation. I feel like it was pretty much done over the phone.[20]

The feud started again after 50 Cent began insulting Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne also teamed up with Ja Rule for the song "Uh Oh" which has resulted in Young Buck making some comments towards him on the mixtape G-Unit Radio Part 25-Sabrina's Baby Boy.

When asked about the situation in an interview Young Buck said:

You have the nerve to call me and speak upon how you having problems and Baby is taking your money. And how right Mannie Fresh is about leaving. And if he responds in any type of way, I’mma end his career ’cause I got it on tape. I’mma let the world hear him complaining. But then you gonna run and stand beside Ja Rule talking about some ’Uh Oh.’ That’s the heart of [my problem with him]. You know that’s some real beef, and you gonna run and stand with Ja. You’re asking for it.[21]

Buck announced the beef was squashed in an interview with stating:

I moved on from all of that old shit, he says in reference to his beef with Wayne. Honestly, at the time it was fun and that was all good, but this is dough-eight and I’m on some get money shit. Shout out to Trina and Wayne. I wish them the best and all that good shit, but I’m Cashville Records all day.[22]

DJ Khaled

During an interview on Rap City, DJ Khaled was asked to choose three classics out of a total of eight albums. He chose every album except Get Rich or Die Tryin'. DJ Khaled stated

I'm all about unity, but if you're not down with unity, I can't help you with that.[23]
In response, Young Buck released a track entitled "Personal (Unity)" towards DJ Khaled and Terror Squad. In the song, Young Buck refers to many people on DJ Khaled's second album, We the Best. Young Buck says
Young Jeezy and T.I. be in the street with Buck and Akon sip Don and Wayne know wassup, maybe Fat Joe tellin' you don't fuck with the Unit, Terror Squad is your clique, you gotta stay loyal to it.[24]
At the end of the track, Young Buck speaks towards DJ Khaled. He says:
I tried to get your man to play my shit. MIA wants to hear my shit. They fucking wit you, but they fuck wit me more... I understand your situation man, being loyal to your crew. Shit I'm loyal like a motherfucker too, but a hit is a hit nigga. For you to win, you gotta play the hits. And I'm bumpin' nigga, so play my shit, nigga, like every other DJ![25]
In a recent interview, Young Buck made comments on the situation with DJ Khaled. He said:
My whole thing is to address the issue, you know, and let the people understand it….You can’t use loyalty as a way to get you out of that situation because I’m loyal like a motherfucker to my crew, G-Unit. But I was still there to create an understanding with game if there was room for it. He’s taking the street beef between Fat Joe and G-Unit and putting it in the middle of the business. I was saying like I got hit records bruh, and I’m moving so respect me the same respect that I’m giving to you. The only reason he could not be playing our records is Fat Joe. He plainly made it clear that it was an Anti-G-Unit thing with his little thing on Rap City.[26]
During a Rap City show which 50 Cent was hosting on September 12 2007 Young Buck repeatedly mocked DJ Khaled by repeatedly shouting "50 we the best. Listennn!" in reference to DJ Khaled’s behaviour on the same show previously.[27]

Two days later on the same show, 50 Cent was offered the choice of listening to one of his rivals say something about him in a clip from Rap City. He had the choice of Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Ja Rule, and The Game, and chose Khaled's clip, in which Khaled said he didn't consider Get Rich or Die Tryin' a classic. After the clip 50 said that he was the best and that none of DJ Khaled's projects are classics. Then Young Buck said:

Khaled, why don't you listen for a minute. What you need to do is to quit lyin' to yourself. You're fooling yourself. What, are you takin' over? 'Cause you ain't takin' over Miami. I just left Miami, and I don't even now if you're from Miami. You might be from Orlando. Just reppin' my city. If I'm not mistaken, you went to high school with a couple people I know also, and I know where you're at. So be careful what you do and play our songs when they're hits you don't gotta like me but when you're in that station[99 Jamz you gotta play what the people want."[28]

Young Buck later addressed the issue on the mixtape G-Unit Radio Part 25-Sabrina's Baby Boy. He insults DJ Khaled on multiple tracks.[21]


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