Mickey Mouse: Goofy, You're my friend.

Goofy: Me too Mick.

(Young Kiara Appears)

Young Kiara: Hey guys, Whatcha (hiccup) Doing.

Mickey Mouse: Young Kiara, You're got Hiccups.

Young Kiara: I (hiccup) know, I had some (hiccups) hiccups.

(Young Kiara keep on hiccuping)

Mickey Mouse: Goofy, We had to scare her hiccups away.

(Mickey Mouse calling Oliver The Kitten on the phone)

Mickey Mouse: Hello Oliver.

Oliver: Hi Mickey.

Mickey Mouse: Listen, Young Kiara got some hiccups

Oliver: Oh no, you're right Mickey.

(Oliver calling Bolt the Dog on the phone)

Oliver: Hello Bolt.

Bolt: What's wrong Oliver.

Oliver: Young Kiara has hiccups.

Bolt: We're on the way Mickey

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