Young Politics is a Website made by two 12 year old boys that covers articles and news about Politics. This small Wikia is made as a partner.

== 2004 - 2005 ==

The Young Politics website was established on the 4th May 2004, but the actual Organization was created by Joseph Langley a few months before. This was because Young Politics needed the go-ahead from (now known Ik Software Ltd). Before opening it they needed to figure out a few things like creating the logo, organizing page buttons (Left) and of course, the staff. This was a frustrating time for them as starting an organization from scratch is a bit difficult. As well as getting permission from (now known Ik Software Ltd), they also needed permission from their ICT Co-ordinator as this was recommended from the Co-founder of (now known Ik Software Ltd). After all the frustrating tasks set out by the Co-founder & Teachers, they were ready to open. The website was pretty bare when they opened it and also had the dullest homepage. To start with they had many different employees, Joseph, Mason, Oliver, Lorna. To: Mason, Oliver, Matthew. To: Joseph, Mason, Oliver, Danielle, Emma (international rep), Bethany and Verity. To: Joseph, Mason, Matthew, Oliver and Emma (international rep). On the way they had some tears, Once with a teacher because two members of staff had a physical fight and twice with a teacher because of the sacking of Oliver. Now, Young Politics is back In business with its own money making newsletter that is out at different intervals of the Year. Young Politics is even up for an award! (BT &'s Golden Owl Awards).

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