Yrashto is a fighter living in an Eskimo town near Mt. Unnamed. Yrashto relies mostly on skill other than strength, and competes frequently in competitions in the fighting ring near the south end of his village. He was undefeated in battle until he fought Cohh-han. As the victor, Cohh-han requested that he come along with Hajuon's group to try to defeat the "ultimate evil" at Mt. Zhurighoun. Until the final fight with Cohh-han, Yrashto had no known powers. At that time, when the fight seemed hopeless, Yrashto's sacred dragon-bone charm bracelet started glowing. He was endowed with dragon-like strength and near indestructibility. This effect wore off afterward, but whenever he is in need, it returns to him miraculously for a limited time period.

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