AP System

The AP system, allows you to gain Action Points from monster hunting (Action Point; AP) which you can use in the impending battles as a strategic response to the combat system (aka pwn stuff), Also allows you to use Meta-Magic in conjunction with skills, increasing the skill's effects.

Having atleast one AP bead will activate you art card.

▷ AP (Action Point): How to obtain

When you hunt monsters, depending on the level of character and monster, you have a certain number AP points acquired

Meta Magic

Meta Magic? Meta Magic increases the damage a skill deals to your oppoment. In other words, using the meta-magic you maximize the effect of the skill you use.

===The use of Meta-Magic===

Meta-Magic in use

You can use Meta-Magic by pressing the ' key.

->1 AP bead is consumed each time you use Meta-Magic.<-

However, if you don't use a skill within 1 minute from the time you pressed the ' key then the meta-magic and the bead used are wasted.

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