Afrocans tower head and shoulders over their cousins, the Eresians. Unlike Eresians who prefer more subtle means, Afrocans prefer to conduct business with the sharp end of a battle ax. And it helps that they are heavily muscled folk who are seemingly hewn from granite. It is not an exaggeration that their enormous physical strength and power are made for fierce battles. In fact, only the truest Afrocans are molded by the fires of battle and war.



The warrior class of the Afrocan tribes emphasizes the arts of physical combat and physical strength. Like other fighter classes, they learn how to wield basic weapons and armors, but they have a unique ability – the War Shout skill.



Afrocan Mages inherit magic handed down from mage to mage within the tribe. Their magical specialties are earth and shadow element magic, basic healing and supplementary magic.

And once you reach level 20, here are the possibilities you can have:



Afrocan Guardians are equal to Eresian Knights except that they are also troop commanders. Guardians brandish one-handed swords or spears, in addition to their shield, to keep the hordes of monsters at bay while leading their troops into battle.



Afrocan Witchdoctors are tribal leaders and heir to Afrocan traditional magic. In addition to their advanced Heal magic and supplementary magic, they have access to mysterious Runes that contain strange and wonderful powers.



Myrmidons are equal to Eresian Warriors, but there is a difference: Afrocan Myrmidons fight opponents on large-scale battles rather than resorting to an individual’s caliber. They have also further developed their War Shout skill. Like Erasian Warriors, Myrmidons favor dual-wield and two-handed weapons.



Afroca Wiccas are desert recluses who study a unique form of dark magic. They are often deemed as terror by everyone. And rightly so, for they cast spells to curse foes or perhaps resurrect the dead to hunt them down!



Afrocan Knighthawks are the scouts of Afrocan armies. They are often given secretive and unsavory assassination missions. Like the Eresian Rogue, these scouts focus on a target, and use only middle armors, daggers and dual-wield weapons.

Thx to GM Kelbonim.

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