Eresians are proficient in many diverse areas such as warcraft, magic and alchemy to name a few. Their bodies are elegantly proportioned; not too muscular and not too frail. Their values and believes mirror their diversity. From one moment, they can be extremely kind, yet brutally cruel the next moment. They love to outwit the continent’s other races with their superior intelligence, and what they cannot outwit, their arcane magic gets rid of it.

As every races in the game, your first choice will be to choose between figther and mage.

Eresian Fighters


Every Eresian warrior begins their career as a Fighter. They focus on the physical arts of combat – becoming remarkably strong, and savvy in tactics and combat. All Fighters learn how to use basic weapons and armours.

Eresia Mages


Mages are scholars who delve into the theories, practices and framework of magic. As Mages progress in their magical studies, they will unlock more powerful secrets hidden within fire and cold Element Magic, basic Heal magic and supplementary magic.

Once at level 20, you will have the possibility to specialise in a "Secondary class". You will have to discover how though.

So if you are an Eresian Fighter, you can become one of the following:



Knights are fighters who specialize in defense. They use shields and learn Heavy Armour Mastery Skill.



Warriors are personifications of aggression. While they can use most weapons, they prefer two-handed or dual-wield swords. They often learn attack skills that specifically enhance their preferred weapons.



Rogues prefer to fight from a distance; thus the bow is their weapon of choice. They are also one of the hardest to hit fighters on the battlefield as a rogue’s training emphasizes evasion and agility.

If you are a mage, here are your choices:



Clerics are healers and buffers. While not as impressive as other fighters in combat skills, they are valued by many for their healing abilities and party-buff skills.



Wizards deal the most damage amongst all classes. They are privy to the secrets of elemental magic and use it to blast enemies apart on the battlefield.

thx to GM Kelbonim.

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