While Eresians rely on their intelligence and Afrocans boast of extraordinary physical attributes, Kimoans take pride in their physical agilities, sculptural arts and supernatural abilities. Kimoans are the most advanced race on the continent as they harmoniously harness nature and technology.

As every races in the game, your first choice will be to choose between figther and mage.



They are hunters trained in traditional Kimoan hunting methods. They wield basic weapons and armors. Often divine Elemental Spirits will guard over a Kimoan Fighter.



The Kimo Mages’ innate affinity with Elemental Spirits gives them access to the Elemental Spirits magic. Their spell repertoire consists of wind element magic, basic Heal magic and supplementary magic.

Once at level 20, you will have the possibility to specialise in a "Secondary class". You will have to discover how though. Here are the classes available at level 20.



Kimoan Protectors are equal to Eresian Knights, but only Kimoans who have been chosen by Elemental Spirits can become Protectors. Like Eresian Knights, they use one-handed swords and shields. As they are the chosen ones of Elemental Spirits, Kimoan Protectors can summon low-level Elemental Spirits to protect their town from foes.



The magic of Kimoan Conjurors comes from their communication with Elemental Spirits. Thus they can summon and use intermediate-level Elemental Spirits. Often, a Kimoan Conjuror will easily bond with his summoned Elemental Spirit.



Kimoan Archers are proficient hunters who never give up or lose a prey on the back of their natural ability at hunting. As with Eresian Rogues, their main armaments are middle armors, bows and dual-wield weapons.



Kimoan Shamans are spiritual leaders of a town. When in doubt, they seek advice from Elemental Spirits. Their spells mostly consist of advanced Heal and supplementary magics.

thx to GM Kelbonim.

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