Buff Card

You can buy Buff Cards at the Card Vendor. They cost 3000GP and last 20 minutes (like normal buffs).

Quest Card

At low level you can keep them for sale at NPC. You will get 300GP for Quest Cards.

Blue/Green Monster

By farming the blue/green monster you will receive less experience, but around the same amount of Aura (useful when there's skills you'll need).


Every mob from South Fiera and onward has a chance to drop mount card (?)

Recovery Food

good to know if you don't pick up the recovery food directly and wait a bit it's gonna transform into something else , so instead of recovering HP it will recover MP ( exemple : the chicken recover HP but if you let it transform into bread it will recover MP)

Grade 5 item

u can buy grade 5 item at arden village in eastern fiera

grade 5-1 set is around 250k , grade 5-2 set is around 1kk

grade 5-1 weapon is 168k , grade 5-2 is around 430k and 5-3 711k

grade 5-3 armor and 5-4+ weapon are drop only

NPC Buff

in starting town and first dungeon ( Spirit Ruin/Old city/Ruminel tunnel) there a npc looking like a big bird giving newbie buff for people under lvl 21.

Shortcut to Arden Village

to go in arden village in a fast way , you will have to walk to south fiera once u entered south fiera ( you should have a message appear telling you South fiera ) use a town card and will go in Arden village.

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