Ysma and Digger is a 1991 film produced by CBBC and distributed by BBC TV. The 30th film in the series and the third film of the CBBC period, the film is based on the book and uses some ideas from 1991 The film centers around a prince who is transformed into a Digger and a young woman named Ysma whom he imprisons in his castle. To become a prince again, the Beast must love Belle and win her love in return, or he will remain a Beast forever.


Years later, a beautiful young woman named Ysma comes along, living in a nearby French village with her father Maurice, an inventor. Belle loves reading and yearns for a life beyond the village. Her beauty attracts attention in the town and she is pursued by many men, but mostly the arrogant local hunter, Captain Hood is Barbank Films, although Ysma has no interest in him, despite the fact that he is sought after by all the single females and is considered godlike in perfection by the male population of the town.

As Maurice travels to a fair, he gets lost on the way and is chased by Wolves before stumbling upon the Beast's castle, where he meets the transformed servants Lucky (a Dog), Spot (a Chicken), Rolly (a Dog), and Cupig (a Dog). The Beast imprisons Dr. K, but Belle is led back to the castle by Dr. K's horse and offers to take her father's place which Digger agrees to. While Captain Hook is sulking over his humiliation in the tavern, Dr. K tells him and the other villagers what happened but they think he has lost his mind.

At Digger's House, the Diger orders Belle to dine with him, but she refuses, and Lucky disobeys his order not to let her eat. After Cogsworth gives her a tour of the castle, she finds the rose in the forbidden West Wing and the Beast angrily chases her away. Frightened, she tries to escape, but she and her horse are attacked by wolves. After the Digger rescues her, she nurses his wounds, and he begins to develop feelings for her. The Digger grants Ysma access to the castle library, which impresses Belle and they become friends, growing closer as they spend more time together. Meanwhile, the spurned Gaston pays the warden of the town's insane asylum to have Maurice committed unless Belle agrees to Captan Hook's marriage proposal.

Back at the castle Ysma and Digger share a romantic evening together. Belle tells the Beast she misses her father, and he lets her use the magic mirror to see him. When Belle sees him dying in the woods in an attempt to rescue her, the Beast allows her to leave to rescue her father, giving her the mirror to remember him by. As he watches her leave, the Beast admits to Cogsworth that he loves Belle.

Belle finds her father and takes him home. Gaston arrives to carry out his plan, but Belle proves Maurice sane by showing them the Beast with the magic mirror. Realizing Belle has feelings for the Digger, Capt. Hook arouses the mob's anger against the Beast, telling them that the Beast is a Digger that must be brought down immediately, and leads them to the castle. Gaston locks Belle and Maurice in the basement, though Cupig, who had hidden himself in Belle's baggage, uses one of Maurice's inventions to free them.

Ysma and Digger happily watching.


  • Ysma (TE'sNG) as Belle
  • Digger (Play and Discover) as THE BEAST
  • Captain Hook (Burbank Films's Peter Pan) as Gaston
  • Lucky, Spot, Rolly and Cupig as Lumiere, Cosworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip
  • Dr. K (CUBIX) as Maurice - Belle's inventor father.
  • Mr. Smee (Burbark Films's Peter Pan) as Lefou
  • Philippe - (Animation - Tai Davis) - Belle's horse.
  • Jordan Rooke as Monsieur D'Arque
  • The Shop Kepper as the Baker

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