Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series (YON Video Game Style)

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  • Buddy (MySims) as Yugi Moto
  • Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) as Yami Yugi
  • Misty (Pokemon) as Tea
  • Erica (My Sonic FC) as Joey Wheeler
  • Link (Legend of Zelda) as Mai Valentine
  • PaRappa (PaRappa the Rapper) as Tristan
  • Punk the Lucario (My Sonic FC) as Serenity
  • Midna (Legend of Zelda) as Rex
  • Toad (Mario Bros.) as Weevil
  • Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) as Bandit Keith
  • Bentley Wiseturtle (Sly Cooper) as Zombie Boy
  • Bowser Jr. (Mario Bros.) as Pegasus
  • Mona the Hitmonchan (Anthro Pokemon FC) as Marik
  • Sparkle the Vaporeon (Anthro Pokemon FC) as Bakura

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