A Yugai

The Yugai are a large, slug-like alien with short, stubby arms, huge eyes, and a wide mouth. They originated on the planet Omega V, but have populated a great number of other worlds including Karlvor IX. They speak their own language, and have the ability to see in visible light as well as ultraviolet light. They often light their palaces with both, turning off the natural lighting to give trespassers a false sense of stealth. Despite the sheer bulk of their flesh, Yugai do not have a skeleton. Instead, an internal mantle helps shape the head and support the arms, while the rest of their body is simply one large, snail-like foot. The skin of a Yugai is incredibly thick, and is covered with a mixture of mucus and oily sweat. This makes the skin able to resist harsh chemicals and even some blaster bolts. Below the epidermis is a thick layer of blubber that helps maintain body temperature and makes it impossible to puncture their skin with a knife. Yugai are also hermaphroditic, often choosing to appear as one sex or the other for the benefit of their audience. Young Yugai spend their first year of life inside a pouch on their mother's belly, and are virtually mindless. They live near their mothers for several decades after birth, returning to their pouches when they are scared or tired. Young Yugai aren't considered accountable until they are well over 100 years old. All Yugai have a given name, which is supported by their clan name and their surname.

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